Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

Same here. 10700@5.0, 2070, 32gb 3600, SSD. Stutters when loading scenery and after some time just becoming worse and worse. Had it slightly before but after patch 2 its horrible !

No better FPS after update on my 2500K as well…more the opposite, feels like I have lost about 5 FPS compared to the old version…

I lost FPS with the latest nvidia drivers. I went back to version 452.06 and the performance came back.

This seems to be helping some people, you might want to read the information I’ve posted here:

Flying in sim from the main menu is fine. However, flying in the Bush Trips, it pauses for a second or two, every one minute (I lapped it on my phone timer for 4-5 pauses and it was about 1:00 every time). Not sure what is different about the bush trips. Other than the pauses, they run fine as far as I can tell.

Could this little application help?


I noticed that some free addons cause stuttering even if you are thousands of kilometers away from the addon

At what type of scenarios this could help us ?

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Where you have a memory leak and to free up memory while in the game. If you are using Windows 10, see link below.

More about Nvidia drivers

BRGDS. Charles.

What addons? Maybe i noted this too

Or maybe its the new nvidia driver. Idk

I had stutters until I reset defaults and the game ran smooth again.

Was it just reset defaults in graphics or everything?

Just graphics


Did you find any solution for stutters with EFIS planes ? I have same issue like you. Even K special software did not cure my problem with glass cockpits.

Any news from ASOBO side to solve this ?


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Conclusion? Just a case of bad coding if you ask me…

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Then does Asobo aware of this issue ? Because I think this is a really major problem and as far as I see from vote numbers this particular case is not very popular and I assume Asobo will not take action about it in short to medim turn ?

What can we do to pull attention over this issue ? It is certain that EFIS stutters are still in place and it makes really annoying to fly glass display planes.


Every simulator has stutters and pauses. Except Aerofly FS2 which is brilliantly smooth, but it only has selected photo scenery, no ATC, not much manual weather control, no live weather, and not a single soletary moving thing apart from yourself. But boy was it smooth.

I think the challange will always be to get make any sim smooth when you also have the complexity of ATC, live weather, live traffic, multi player etc, lots of customisable features AND the whole planet avalble with photo realstic scenery. FSX and Prepar3d never achieved smoothness. I could never get Xplane to work properly so can’t comment on that sim.

I think the best you can hope for is to minimise the stutters and pauses to the point where you can ignore them. All the things I tried listed in the first post were in the pursuit of minimising the problems until they ceased to be noticed. In the end none made much difference and gradually fine tuning all my MSFS graphics settings got me a pretty good result. This is where I am now, and am really starting to enjoy MSFS.


Xp11 is since the Vulkan update in v10.5 butter smooth…

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Aerofly FS2 uses Vulkan as well but could still run smooth without it.

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