Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

of course… therefore is these heading so missleading

Pauses : I assume network or server issues… sometime looks like it happens if new player spawn, but can be wrong.
Stutters : different understanding is possible with lots of different reasons. E.g. Stutters because Performance, Stutters because parallel running apps, impression of Stutters because Invalid Sync PC<->Monitor, Stutters because to slow network… etc.
CTD : if there are network issues and the network stack is not hard enought a CTD can be the result instead e.g. that it do “a Pause”

Maybe I have a new solution for the Stutters and Lags:

I have disabled the scan for the PROCESS flightsimulator.exe in Microsoft Defender.
This means, that not every file, which is opened by this process is scanned from Defender.

For me, this was the solution for many stutters.

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Hmm…interesting. I wonder if MS can include an exclusion rule out of the box for MSFS.

Have a similar system with a 2080ti as well with almost no stutters now. You can try:

  • NVCP - disable fps lock
  • NVCP - set low latency mode to ultra (reduces pre-rendered frames)
  • NVCP - set power management to prefer max performance
  • Win10 - enable Game Mode
  • Win10 - disable background recording in game captures
  • Win10 - enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling
  • Win10 - set MSFS to high-performance in graphics performance preferences
  • MSFS - create rolling cache on the same drive as MSFS and set to 32GB [only if running on a fast SSD / M.2]

optional - update to the latest Nvidia driver and enable automatic tuning / overclock in the optional features

Other suggestions here:


for comparable results this is not optional :wink:

He use the old:

Nvidia Driver : 456.71

And I would repeat: “Stutters” is not equals “Stutters” … each here have different kind of understanding from it.

I just thought I’d post my experience with stutters here. I have played the game since release with no stuttering issues. Then about a week ago the game was taking longer to load than usual so I validated the game on steam, little did I know that steam deletes the game when you validate it.

So after about 12 hours of redownloading I restart the game to find that now it micro stutters. My frame rate cuts in half about every 3 seconds, even in the menu. If I limit it to 60 fps it cuts to 30 every few seconds, and the same happens if I limit it to 20fps, it drops to 10 every few seconds. However, I have discovered that if I start a flight and then exit back to the main menu the problem fixes itself (about 70% of the time) and I get a steady frame rate with no stutters. After that it will stay stutter free until I quit the game.

I’ve got no idea what the cause is and why it fixes itself under certain situations. Its just incredibly frustrating especially as it used to work perfectly fine until I had to reinstall the game.

We can struggle as much as we want with MSFS, NVidia and windows 10 settings,
the problem lies within the crappy graphics engine of MSFS


I have just read this:

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Of course they will close this topic.
They don’t want to hear the truth…


Guys try this

Has anyone else messed with internet speed limit to help with stutters? It “seems” like if I set the limit to 40 Mbit the stutters are reduced. 40 is way less than my bandwidth, which is usually 300-400.

Anyone else tried this?, or is it my imagination?

All posts have this restriction.
It’s not a plot.

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I have an ok setup. 10900k, strix 3090, 32 hyper X 3733 mem, asus strix mobo, 2tb firecuda 520 nvme. Clean Windows , few games, original nvcp ,120mb Internet. 1000w corsair psu. Config high + ultra. Airport traffic=0 Still have some small stutter while running between 45 and 55 fps. Sucks so much since other AAA games run smoother

What is your monitor ?

I found a tip yesterday that helped me. I downloaded the rivatuner statistics server from guru 3d. I set it to limit frames at 30 and Scanlinesynce to x/2 and -1 and it smoothed my sim out. no more stutters and 30 fps. i7 9700k gtx1080

@AC52399, @blueline308,

That’s a policy for certain areas of the forums. It doesn’t single out any one topic.

Good trick, it’s an advice I often say : you have to be voluntary “GPU limited” to enjoy any kind of apps to be smooth. Vsync or frame limiter will give some room to the system to linear your fps. if not you see what you asked for : your PC running on “free wheel” at max of its capacity, and so the picks of the CPU and GPU management like you can see if you check performance graphs. This is not something Devs can smooth, each frame require a different amount of work from CPU and GPU. So not having, at the very final step (the display), a fps limiter (like vsync or RivaTuner or Nvidia control panel, etc.) will make you experimence those picks (and so called stutters). It also help to keep your machine cool as it create some headroom on your system.


yeah… I wonder me often why the game-creators not build in a frame-limiter ( some do it ).
Using VSync for that reason is more like a workaround and depends on the monitor. But because of the existing Vsync bug, the usage is also kind of limited ( not usable at all ).
I use vsync at them moment for very long flights, where I get with the setting:30 at my 75fps monitor then 25fps… enough that I can enjoy the world… It’s not necessary that my GPU run hours and hours in full-load to reach an amount of fps which are not necessary.


Yesterday I filled up 3 or 4 Zendesk support tickets around all vsync problems we meet with MSFS :wink: and I also spoke about having a real fps limiter in game (and not the one which only activate with the vsync ON). I have it off personally as the Nvidia fps limiter at 60 do wonder and no tearing in screen. And when doing VR I set it to 95 ( so more than my 90Hz headset display) to cooldown the start logo display, loading bar and menus. if not I’ll raise more than 4000fps and GPU overheat for nothing with fan at 100%. I also suggested to limit framerate during those phases.

I done same for a while … mainly with the description from here:
We need more zendesk tickets that developer notice that :slight_smile:

related to the menu is this the other bug… I reported ticket too…

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I am under the impression that stutters have become more frequent since the last january update. Especially when using an airliner in a scenery like EHAM, well that’s my subjective observation. Before the update my main concern were the spikes in the terrain and other LOD problems, but now the stutters appear more frequently than before. Reading through the comments I am obviously not the only one with this problem. I am running my rig on Ultra settings, I could try changing that to see if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Marc