Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

yeah… I wonder me often why the game-creators not build in a frame-limiter ( some do it ).
Using VSync for that reason is more like a workaround and depends on the monitor. But because of the existing Vsync bug, the usage is also kind of limited ( not usable at all ).
I use vsync at them moment for very long flights, where I get with the setting:30 at my 75fps monitor then 25fps… enough that I can enjoy the world… It’s not necessary that my GPU run hours and hours in full-load to reach an amount of fps which are not necessary.


Yesterday I filled up 3 or 4 Zendesk support tickets around all vsync problems we meet with MSFS :wink: and I also spoke about having a real fps limiter in game (and not the one which only activate with the vsync ON). I have it off personally as the Nvidia fps limiter at 60 do wonder and no tearing in screen. And when doing VR I set it to 95 ( so more than my 90Hz headset display) to cooldown the start logo display, loading bar and menus. if not I’ll raise more than 4000fps and GPU overheat for nothing with fan at 100%. I also suggested to limit framerate during those phases.

I done same for a while … mainly with the description from here:
We need more zendesk tickets that developer notice that :slight_smile:

related to the menu is this the other bug… I reported ticket too…

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I am under the impression that stutters have become more frequent since the last january update. Especially when using an airliner in a scenery like EHAM, well that’s my subjective observation. Before the update my main concern were the spikes in the terrain and other LOD problems, but now the stutters appear more frequently than before. Reading through the comments I am obviously not the only one with this problem. I am running my rig on Ultra settings, I could try changing that to see if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Marc

I get a pause when flying over Melbourne city centre and as soon as I pass by it it’s fine
Doesn’t matter what plane; always the same
The graphics card load goes down to zero and interestingly the CPU load doesn’t go up!

There are a few other locations around the world where I’ve seen the same behaviour

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Indeed, obviously you are not the only one with this problem…
Changing the settings is of no or little use…
The graphics engine of MSFS is busted…
You might be interested:

And, what were the settings GFE did reduce which you didn’t raise back in particular and which are helping in solving stutters on your machine?

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Sure I understand how this slider is working, however you’ve initially said, if I understand correctly, you’ve used the slider so that it gives you a smooth experience and then you’ve manually raised back some of the settings to your initial, or close to, values. This would mean you’ve purposely let some of these values down as GFE is suggesting and in the end it is good.

Your second post is telling, if I still understand correctly, it seems the mere fact of using this slider once did “something” which is now curing the stutters and therefore I’m inferring you can put your settings back to what they were.

Can you please detail precisely what settings on YOUR system (not mine) the GFE was lowering and you’ve kept lower (as in your initial post) so that it gives US some ideas to try out, WHITHOUT using GFE?

we already find out that this seems possible no longer an OK setting :wink:

Often was mentioned that “Stutters” can also simple come from wrong monitor sync … In special lots of users not know what is the “lowest” gsync frequency of its monitor. Not many have a range 30 - xxx , more rare is below 30fps… and in special REAL 4K G-Sync monitors are not what most of users bought ( which monitor model you own ? ).

PS.: I never recommend to use these nvidia geforce optimze “thing”…

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No worries here, I’m sure the community will keep this very important issue alive until we can get to a state where most people are satisfied.

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I thought it was just me! The pauses are driving me crazy

thanks, it works for me! :metal:
it was advanced vfr map icon in tool bar :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yes thanks @BenjVV7863 and @Corei7rocks the Advanced VFR Map was causing my stutters as well. This is a massive issue for me resolved, thank you so much!!! :+1:

@CptLucky8 you might want to mention disabling toolbars and third party content as part of any diagnosis for stuttering (if you’ve not done so already!) as these things can ruin perfectly good settings. :slight_smile:


You may use in a browser (behind the sim, or a tablet, or second display) , great map assistant, it even helps on landings, check it up.
I turn off VFR map in the sim, and removed Advance VFR.

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i also suffered the stutters…what a madness…but I deleted the advanced vfr map as suggested and voilá! problem gone :+1:, now everything is smooth!. I will stay away from installing these kind of mods in the future (wasted several days trying everything in the settings because of those nasty stutters).


Sounds very much like…

I’m happy ATM with 30-60 fps and the occasional stutter… considering I don’t think a graphics card will ever beat the human eye that is focused.
My old PC never was quite good enough to run FSX. It did… but always had issues with the textures not loading. Trust me when I say I have done what the OP has done also back then.

This and all the other tweaks (and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING)…
do not resolve the stutter issue.
The problem lies in the faulty graphics engine of MSFS.
I was hoping this should be clear by now…

Hello everybody. I don’t want to open the millionth thread on the subject of “stuttering”, but for me it’s quite strange and I hope for help.

2 weeks ago I reinstalled my Windows 10 64Bit. I have freshly installed FS2020 with all components (IVAO, payware Aircrafts, ORBX sceneries and Airports, REX Weather Force, Freeware, TrackIR, FSplayground etc.) and recorded my flights with OBS (see my channel on Youtube: Flying Acehole). Everything went super consistently with Vsync FPS 60 at 1920x1080. With a few exceptions, my graphics settings were on Ultra. Everything went really well for a week. No problem. CPU and GPU performance and temperature were and are in the normal middle range. …no problem. Until 3 days ago. Then the Fs2020 began to stutter. As soon as I change something in the graphic, the stuttering stops … and starts again after a few minutes. My NVIDIA settings are on default, only maximum performance is activated. The game started to stutter without changing anything in the game or windows. No new installations. Nothing. My System: I7 9700K 4,9GHz / RTX 3060ti / samsung ssd 970 evo plus / 32GB / watercooling. does anyone know why this can be?

Have you ever tried to get an empty Community library? Do you use rolling cash?


Hi, yes. I’ve already tried an empty community folder. However, it worked with the addons before. I use 8GB rolling cache. I tried 16GB but it didn’t change anything. That really drives me crazy because everything worked great. The problem seems a bit arbitrary to me