Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

Yess that’s true…

Excellent question!

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What will sim update IV bring us?
Around 25 of May Asobo brings out update IV.
Hopefully they have done something about fps in the city area’s and hand crafted airports.
The updates 1,2 and 3 only lowered the fps and i hope they surprice us with a better performance.

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Yeah…hope soo too…

Have fun with X-plane.

Why? MSFS 2020 can not go from 20fps to 60fps into 2 years or in 20 years. Stay with X-plane.

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Well, I am the first to say that the graphics engine of MSFS is seriously faulty,
see also my thread:

But come on… X-plane? That joke-wishful-thinking not simulator
but arcade game?

X-Plane is far better with simulating an aircraft.
The standard scenery is not much, but it has very good 3d party scenery like TrueEarth.

Asobo’s flightsim has standard a very detailed scenery, but has to low fps and most of the users complane about stuttering. Therefore i like to fly with X-Plane and wait until MSFS2020 has better planes and faster graphics.


Perfect … Notihing to add … Unfortunatly … Since WU3, I hardly played anymore. Every time I run FS2020 it is a disappointment. I tried everything and nothing really helped … In addition, it’s silence at Asobo studio …


They are focused on more and more scenery, not where it’s really all about in a flight sim.
Scenery is nice, but a much smoother graphics engine, good planes and a ATC that not send you to heaven just before your approach starts that are things to work on.


Couldn’t agree more. It seems Sim Updates are just fixing problems introduced into the sim through other patches rather than moving the ball forward on the game engine itself.


Maybe they changed something lately…
When I troughly tested X-plane 11 about 2 years ago,
It was not more than an arcade game…
Though I agree completely with your statement:
Asobo is focused on more and more scenery, not where it’s really all about in a flight sim,
as described in my thread.


It not an arcade game, but a great flightsim.
I has very detailed aircraft and if you want a very detailed scenery (TrueEarth).
And a development team that realy make work on the suggestions of the owners.

Well, turning off and on and off again the photometry during the stuttering stopped helping me when flying 787/747.

Yesterday I did finish a 10 hour flight, again - when i started the descend from FL350 to 200 and below, the stuttering started as usual with these 2 planes. Turned on and off the photometry, finished the flight with a medium level of stuttering.

Now I just got CTD after 8 hrs of flight, 20 minutes before landing. Heavy stuttering started when I got to FL100, turned on and off the photometry, fixed the problem for another 20 mins, started stuttering again, did the photometry routine again and then the CTD - total waste of 8 hrs.

I still don’t understand how this problem appears ONLY when I use 787/747. I have no stuttering when flying A320 or any other plane, even when descending from FL380 to any low altitude no matter how long is the flight (and I’m always on ultra without any problems).

This is so frustrating to get a ■■■■■■■ CTD 20 mins before landing after such a long flight (Amsterdam - Nairobi). Never had this problem before the last updates (Flew from London to Sydney with 787, 19 hrs long flight without any problem at all).

For me, flying 787/747 is like gambling - never know whether I’m gonna “survive” the stuttering or get a CTD right before the approach.

It’s about time they consider fixing this problem as their main goal for the next update. Sceneries/world updates dont’t worth much with all this stuttering and ctd.

I have not read any improvements after SU IV from any of the Beta testers.
Is there something positive we can expect or is there no improvement regarding to stabitity of FPS?

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I still don’t understand the magic of a goal of “60 fps”. Maybe I’m missing something. I think above 15-20 fps the human visual processing system (retina, optic nerve, visual cortex) can no longer discern distinct frames. Does anyone have any documentation or study about this ? My Paris and London have now improved to the 25-35 fps range with settings very high. I do clearly see the “stuttering” and CPU processing issue separately from fps.

OK, on second thought, maybe I’m wrong. Will research further. I think 1000 hz is highly unlikely, though. That would be a peripheral to central processing time of 1 ms.

Oh please stop perpetuating this myth that the human eye cannot process images over 24hz.

The human eye has a refresh rate of a 1000hz. Go play a game that hits 60fps for while then come back to MFS2020 and tell me you can’t tell the difference.


I work for one of two leading brain research institutions in Europe, the other one being the Max Planck Institute. I think our researchers would like to have a chat. :wink:

I can tell the difference from a Windows desktop running at 60fps, and one running at 120fps. It’s obvious, in the same way that I can tell looking at the side window of my simulated plane whether I am getting decent frame rates or not.

I’m assuming you aren’t referring to this in the sim, but have you ever seen a movie where subliminal frames are inserted? Just a single frame, and you can pick this up. You may not fully comprehend what you just saw, but you did detect it.

The human eye cannot see flickering or frame speed with more the 60 fps.
Therefore the net frequency in the USA is 60 herz. A minimum of 60 fps is the ultimate refresh rate and give a smooth gameplay without visible flickering.

A refresh rate of 50 fps is still comfortable enough for the human eyes and therefore that’s equal to the net frequency in Europe. TV’s in Europe working untill a few years ago with that frequency.
It give a minor visibility of flickering but it’s not disturbing.

It’s possible to play video games with 30 fps, but the human eyes can then see flickering.
Lower then 30 fps is uncomfortable and some people get eye irritation or a headache when playing games with fps lower then that for a longer time.

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Completely agree with that.

The Performance of MSFS is getting more and more worse…
it is not that fun as it was months ago…