Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

Today, I tried to land at Heathrow and it was stuttering beyond playable, bearing in mind I have the surrounding area for 20 miles and the airport cached at a high level, tried changing the server to " North Europe " but didn’t work this time.
I then set the server to " USA East " and seeing that I am in the UK I thought this cannot work, so again flew in from Gatwick to Heathrow and the flight was acceptable I got 24 to 30 FPS and only one or two stutters, and smooth as anything on the ground.
But wouldn’t this be correct as people on the US server will most likely not be at Heathrow in any numbers so the stuttering will be reduced? no other players visible!

About Liveries, I have the US Air force NWS livery shown below, I landed at an airport the other day sure it was Heathrow, again, and about 20 other aircraft at the gates were all showing the same Livery as me?

Can someone explain how Liveries work, please?
If 10 other players have 3rd party liveries do they all have to download?
Or do the settings in the Sim allow only MS liveries?

20 aircraft at the gates with my skin

Yes, but as we are all aware of the issue, many people will be using aircraft they think will not be used by anyone else.
I have been flying the A330 around for a few days as well as the A320 and the C152.
I have been getting stutter with the A330 for the last day and a half, so I’m guessing it was you lmao!!!
I don’t have the Finnair livery installed :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

I already have 32GB of liveries installed, including the full megapack, but only a couple of the A321 and A330 liveries — I better put those on as well lol :¬)

Yeah, but as the days went by, I had to move to less and less well known ones lol :¬)
First was the C152, then the PMP A330, then the PMP A321, then the LDX CRJ 700 …
FInally, I installed ALL the Megapack liveries and some other ones, and then realised I need to convert all the 320 ones to FBW as well … going to run to 50GB+ lol

So back to the A330, then yesterday I was getting some stuttering in that one, possibly because I only installed 3 liveries … on and on we go until they fix it lmao :¬)

Today I tested hyperthreading ON.
Result was very positive! Much less micro/stutter. Almost none.
No significant change in FPS but almost no micro/stutter. Multiplayer off due to last ASOBUG.
Intel 10900k@5.1 rtx3090 32gb@3733 m2 ssd asus mb.
I was suprised on how much stutter reduced.

I have gotten that pause-start-pause-start at the end of long flights when landing too. At the beginning everything is fine but after an hour and a half or so when landing, same thing at the larger airports.

Let me share my observation regarding the 2 s stuttering with multiplayer engaged:

as soon as you change your airplane (eg. FBW A320 with FBW livery) on the ground to a different one using the dev. mode (even the same airplane but with the standard Asobo livery) and rechange again it to the one you want to use i observe no stuttering.
But let´s hope that behavior will be debugged.

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I have always been able to run the sim at (mostly) ultra settings with no issue. The frame rates have not been brilliant, but no stutter at all.
Since around the last update the sim now stutters regardless of the Frame rate. It has become completely un-usable.
You can watch the stutters on the frame rate counter like a heartbeat, & if you try to look from side to side the stutters turn into a massive frame rate drop.
I’ve tried everything mentioned, (fiddle with GPU settings, Fiddle with CPU with process lasso, Reinstall drivers, turn on & off all sorts of things) some help a little, some make it worse, some only seem temporary. The overall stuttering problem remains…

Most of the time it says ‘Limited by main thread’, so I would assume this is CPU related, & fiddling with the Nvidia control panel is looking through the wrong window?

I really hope Asobo can find a fix for this, as I (and many others) haven’t been able to sim for weeks!

CPU: i7-6700K (oc’d)
GPU: GTX 1080 (oc’d)
RAM: 32g 3000mhz
Dedicated M.2 SSD

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There is a download in the Microsoft store which addresses the stutter issues caused by WU4.

It is a 1GB download in MS Store only, not a game update, taking us to

Thanks, I downloaded it. On first load it seemed better. So I restarted, loaded a flight plan, & not only was it back to the bad stuttering again, it was worse.
Man, I was so excited to fly again. This is starting to feel like X-plane all over again. 1% flying - 99% problems…

yeah same for me. Updated to, first flight was a bit better (but not as good as it used to be prior to all these issues), and all flights after were as bad, if not worse.


The patch only works a little bit in multiplayer mode, but do nothing for single mode.
Stutters are there and stays there. :cry:


Same here… i wanna play this game sooo much but the stutters kill it for me


If you did apply the stutter tweak tovthe EXE file …. Bow u need to do it again ( overwritten by new version )

9+ months since the game was released and several GBs of patches later, and we still need the .exe tweak?!

Apply the tweak, but it makes no difference for me.
Still stutters.

Tweak had no effect first time, & no effect now.
Asobo, what on Earth have you done to the sim?

Results with the latest update are satisfying. No more stutters even in muliplayer and dence location (EGLC/London City) My experiance. CTD’s can offen be the result of bad overclocking. Have a Gigabyte RTX 2070 8Gb. Stable overclocked with Gigabyte Aorus. GPU Boost by Autoscan (Curve), Memory Clock +1800 (15802). GPU voltage 0, Fan Speed auto, Power target en Target Temp maxed out. Proces Lasso priority high, windows dynamic thread off. ( Intel I7, mem 64Gb, motherboard Asus Rog Strix 490F, Windows 10 Home on SSD M2, MSFS on seperate SSD M2. Monitor LG 32" 4K hdr. ) No other progs on this PC. Just for the flightsim. I don’t fly in developers mode with framerate on. Everything above 25 frames/sec is fluid for the eye.
I understand the non-believers but I prefer to give this data. Rather than a other-complain-message. I believe the forum is better of with positive critics and suggestions.
(Flightsimmer since the early days). Sincerely…

CPU i5 9600K + RTX2060 + 32 GB Ram + 2* SSD M2 (First with windows 10 - up to date, Second SSD M2 with MSFS), Monitor wide res 2560*1080 pics.

Lots of testing done in the last two months, big stutters are “almost” gone, but micro stutters stays.

MSFS tested without overclocking, no mods and standard A320.
MSFS settings 30% High 70% medium
fps from 30 to 35, regular stutters and micro stutters.

MSFS tested with basic and stable CPU and GPU overclocking, no mods and standard A320.
MSFS settings 30% High 70% medium
fps from 35 to 40, regular stutters and micro stutters.

After that i have tried all tweaks as mensioned on this forum separed and together.
Also the latest tweak thats mentioned.
Still microstutters and now and then a bigger one, but never CTD’s.

But i read now that it’s not allowed to be negative, but that we must stay possitive and enjoy the stuttering sim. :roll_eyes:

Check your cpu usage a 6 core 6 thread is bound to give you some sort of stuttering especially with those glass airport.
I get stuttering fbw a320 but the default smooth

GPU thinks that the cockpit vision is not so gorgeous, and it does not need such a large utilization rate to deal with it. GPU thinks that “this is Pediatrics, I don’t need to be too serious”, so this deadlock is caused.