[Solution] JF PA-28 Arrow CPU Heavy?

It seems that the aircraft is way too CPU intensive, compared to the default ones.

A simple benchmark on the lowest graphics settings, 1080p, shows quite a difference between the JF Arrow and various Asobo aircraft (even one with a glass cockpit):

JF Arrow PA-28R Arrow III CUSTOM:

Asobo DA 40 TDI:

Asobo Cessna 172 w/ steam gauges:

Asobo Cessna Grand Caravan 208 B:

Is it possible to fix it anyhow? Turning off the EFB does not help, neither switching GPS.

PC specs: Ryzen 3600, 16GB RAM, GPU EVGA 3080, MSFS - MS Store version, latest drivers.


I don’t think so.
Did you try switching to GNS430 if there’s an improvement? The GNS100 is custom built and might be one reason if it’s not well optimized.

Yes, I tried switching all the GPS modules (no mods), incl. turning them off. No difference.

I understand it is a more complex aircraft than the default ones, but such a big impact on the CPU seems weird to me. I’ve just tried Working Title CJ4 mod and even that one has a slightly better performance.

I have found the solution. It’s right in the manual.

I suspected the EFB and all the GPS modules running in the background (at the same time) could affect the CPU. But turning off the EFB using the I/Com switch did not help, because it does not actually turn it off, it only makes it invisible. However, the EFB can be switched off by using the physical ‘Home’ button, located on its right bezel (as correctly described in the manual):

Home Button:

FPS CPU TEST (w/ lowest graphics settings):

EFB Off:


That EFB must be pretty badly designed/written code, to caused such a drop in performance. Its only a very simple Settings Control Init – !!!

GOOD Find on the cause of the performance hit – would never have guessed it was the EFB !!
No it just need to be "OPTIMIZED ?? :sunglasses:

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This looks interesting. Just polishing my goggles now, for an afternoon potter around. I don’t use the stopwatch on the Arrow. Just a calendar. Will report back on landing.

Wow, thanks für pointing this out. Could you report this to their support via ticket? They could turn it off when hiding and on when unhiding the EFB to at least not impact fps while hidden.

Great work :slight_smile:

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Thanks, yes, I already did that.


This has been a great victory! Kudos to you!

Live from the cockpit and yes, it does seem to work. Well done and thanks!


Totally agree with this post! I went from 56 FPS to 66 just by turning off the EFB. Really made flight in VR much better as well.

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Just a quick note to say that this has been noted and sorted for the upcoming patch - the EFB will be off when hidden.

It uses stock MSFS display code . . .


I hope they still improve the code since 10fps is FAR too much for such a limited EFB, for those that want to leave it visible this workaround won’t help.

Basically they could skip updates at it was done on the glass cockpits initially via mods since such a static EFB basically would be fine to redraw once every second and you wouldn’t notice it.

What about the EFB in the A320 FBW? Does it have the same issue or only with JF? Could be a wasm problem else.

Thanks for that I thought that hiding it switched it off too.

I just tested this myself. the FPS increase was 1fps by turning it off. Sitting at Innsbruck on the runway with snow (Live WX) FPS went from 50-51 to 51-52. (4k ultra textures, most things on ultra, a couple of things are 1 notch down that had no visual impact from a guide I found awhile ago).

Is it actually coded in JS/HTML or WASM?

I saved about 5 fps, so for me it was worth turning it off before take off

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It really has no use in flight for me, I have a adruino based touchscreen flight control that has winds and speeds and such on it’s info page, so i never leave it on.

wasm in case of the JF Arrow.
I’d have loved to see JS for making it moddable but the whole panel logic including the EFB is in one compiled wasm file.

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