[SOLUTION] Navigraph and double runways

Be aware that if you’re using Navigraph data in MSFS, the runway might show up as double.
Temporary solution (until Navigraph changes the priority of their files) is to add the letter Z in front of the folder name to make it load after Navigraph.

Another thing to try might be to manually put the foldername further down in Content.xml.

    <Package name="fix-trondheim" active="true"/>
	<Package name="drzewieckidesign-warsawairfields" active="true"/>
	<Package name="drzewieckidesign-washingtonlandmarks" active="true"/>
	<Package name="fs-base-ai-traffic" active="true"/>
	<Package name="zfk-airport-enkr-kirkenes" active="true"/>

Content.xml is located here:


Best thing would be if MS/Asobo made the scenery order strictly alphabetical so we could have a bit of influence on this ourselves.

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Hi Frank.

We are indeed working on a fix that will ensure the correct file priority. It’s being tested within the team right now and should be out with a new revision of the installer client very soon.




Excellent :slight_smile:

This is a problem with X-Plane scenery config file where you have to prepend names to ensure alphabetical order matches priority order.

I believe the best solution is adding a priority value instead, eventually a group value too, something like:

    <Package name="fix-trondheim" active="true" group="fixes" priority="1"/>
    <Package name="drzewieckidesign-warsawairfields" active="true" group="airport" priority="2"/>
    <Package name="drzewieckidesign-washingtonlandmarks" active="true" group="landmarks" priority="1"/>
    <Package name="fs-base-ai-traffic" active="true" group="traffic" priority="1"/>
    <Package name="zfk-airport-enkr-kirkenes" active="true" group="airport" priority="1"/>

When in this case, “zfk-airport-enkr-kirkenes” is loaded first and “drzewieckidesign-warsawairfields” loaded second.

NB: I’ve just attributed pseudo names and priority values for illustration but they might not be meaningful with these specific entries

Are group and priority tags that can be used now?

I don’t think so, I’m making a suggestion which I find better suited than just ordering priority by ordering entries alphabetically because although this is working as proven with XP11 doing just the same for custom sceneries, it is still limited because it forces renaming the files and it is putting the burden of knowing there are priorities by type of data (like orthos, mesh, objects) to the end user. With clearly named groups, and clearly set priority values independently, you get a system which is easier to deal with both as end-user but also for scripting/installers etc…

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Has there been any update to this? Just curious :slight_smile: