Solutions for CTDs

Hello to all fellow simmers,

I created this topic to discuss possible solutions for those experiencing CTD’s. Post your system specs and a copy of the CTD error if one is available. If a crash report is not available, go to start menu and type “reliability” and click on the “View Reliability History” option. A timeline will display a history of all unexpected events, you can click through them and under informational events you will be greeted with the details of the event, in certain scenarios there may be an option to “Check for Solutions…”

If all else fails, download a copy of appcrashview AppCrashView - View application crashes (.wer files) in Windows 7/Vista, this little application should catch unexpected events and display a log of the application which caused the event, be sure to read the install instructions!

Let’s try stick to the format of (system specs) - what you were doing when the app crashed i.e. clicked fly now, browsing marketplace, takeoff, landing, cruising etc… you get the point :wink: lastly the event details of the crash. I’m pretty sure I can help with quite a few common crashes, the community is also very helpful and there are some very knowledgeable simmers among us here that I’m sure are more than willing to assist.

There have been a significant increase of CTD’s after the installation of SU5, some CTD’s were definitely present in the previous versions and if the forum is a guideline of current issues, I’d say the number of users experiencing CTD’s has largely increased.

One issue I noticed straight from the onset of SU5 was temperatures (more specifically GPU temps), not excessive but certainly enough to catch my attention so I urge those with beefy systems or standard cooling to please ensure your fans are turned way up while launching the sim, open up your case and give it another try. Many crashes can be avoided by keeping temps at bay.

Updating your BIOS is another solution which worked great for some pre SU5, this can be somewhat difficult depending on your experience with such a procedure but luckily there are 100’s of helpful guides online covering just about every manufacturer in a detailed step by step process.

Hope we can all get back to flying soon :wink:

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