(SOLVED) APR functionality of AP: it gets worse with every update

I’m using MSFS as an useful training tool for ILS approaches in CAT III conditions, flying C172 (not 1000) and TBM 930 mainly. Since release the Sim had some serious issues with the core program but, surprisingly, the Autopilot functionality had no major issues . . . so far, until now.

Since one of the last updates a series of AP problems occurred. It seems to me, as if it gets worse with ervery update. First, ILS approaches using the AP in APR mode, don’t line up with the RWY.

On the FAF (arriving at correct ALT, correct intercept angle) the AP in APR mode catches the LOC course well and starts the decent along the LOC course. But the closer one gets to the RWY the more the plane is guided slowly to the right or to the left of the LOC course. The plane is decending well on the correct glide path but it doesn’t arrive at the beginning of the RWY. When you come out of the fog you’ll see the RWY landing lights some 100 m left or right to the RWY center line.

Second, most recently it gets even worse. The AP in APR mode doesn‘t catch LOC course at all anymore. No LOC course guidance, no decent on the glide path, just no function.

The HSI display is working correctly. If you are smart enough you can fly manually following the LOC course shown by the HSI needle and decent watching the GS indicator.

FYI: not seeing this at all, doing lots of ILS landings that are going well.

Are you sure you’re doing it correct?

There are some airports where the ILS seems to be off, so do you see this at all/most airports?

no, I did only a few German airports. I don’t know whether I’m doing it right or wrong but I’m performing the ILS procedure excactly in the same way all the time. Nothing has changed except the updates. Most recently at my favorite Airport I found that the APR function doesn’t work anymore. I’ll try to get to a fully different Aiport maybe in the US.

APR in is working correctly for me at e.g. LOWW and LOWG with the TBM, Longitude, A320 and 787.

edit: Once you use slew to reposition, LOC tracking errors do occur.

SOLVED: It was a key binding conflict. The APR button was bound to two different keys at the same time. Sorry for the report here. Now I’m happy that the “ILS is off center line” ist the only issue.

Out of curiosity. How do you train CAT II/III approaches without RA/DH?

I didn’t say that FS20 is a professionell ILS procedure training tool for precision approaches. Its not only the missing of RA for excact DH. Even worse is FS20 has no visibilty setting e.g. for RVR.
To address your concerns I shuold have said: I’m not training ILS APPR, I’m enjoying flying above cloud in blue sky and dive through thick clouds and arrive safely 50 m above at the beginning of the RWY. Ok?

In general, I haven’t run into problems with the ILS being off the centerline, other than some specific airports where it’s been identified by several folks as misaligned. But in general, the vast majority of flights in those aircraft line up correctly at most airports.
If you can give me some specific airports you have the issue at, I’d like to cross check them and see if it’s the ILS being misaligned, or the aircraft having an issue with specific airports.
If you want to check an airport that I know is working correctly, you can try runway 30L at KSTL. I’ve run that approach many times in both those aircraft you mention, and both work fine there.
Are you running any aircraft or scenery mods at the airports you have problems with?

Thanks, Habu2u2, for your input. Meanwhile I found, that the ILS approach in APR mode for one single RWY at the same airport is not always misaligned. Yes, it’s curious.

My recent observations lead to the assumption: Depending on how I do the flight planning the results of an ILS approach hitting the RWY center line correctly are different. For flight planning I’m using:

  1. standard world editor from the main page
  2. route and approach input directly to the GPS
  3. route and approach input by the aid of an external flight planning program e.g. “little navmap

So far it seems to me, as if only 1. works as it should: Touch down at the RWY center line.

In all 3 cases the LOC gives the correct signal to the HSI which can be seen from the CDI needle. Manually flying the CDI needle and decending on the GS indicator would give a correct RWY arrival.

to be continued . . . .

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YOu might find in many cases that they do not !! and that is how it is in the Real World.

Asobo had “incorrectl;y” forced alignent of all ILS’s in mSFS, with their runway heading.

In the recent #3 update, the corrected that error, and now IL:S’s heading are what they should be in the Real World, with many slightly offset from the runway heading.

You may have got use tom expecting ALL ILS’s to be perfectly aligned with their runways, and now find they are not anymore that way in the updated sim,.

Welcome to a more REALISTIC MSFS !!!

That’s new to me. E.g. LOWI is still wrong.

Wrong in what way … In RL, the Localizer should be about 5 deg offset from the runway heading.

Are you saying that now not the case in MSFS ?? – and its still aligned with the runway ?

Exactly. Pretty frustrating. From what I’ve read in various posts, Asobo only fixed (most?) of the LDA approaches.
LOWI has a LOC approach.

well, there is a PHP script going around that ZAPS all airports, to fix that

I’ve been away for a few months, can you confirm that non-runway aligned approaches have now been addressed? You statement seems to indicates most, not all have. Surely, it’s an all or nothing fix, as the underlying database should provide the source for the correction.

Hopefully Asobo aren’t just doing this manually…