SOLVED / FIXED: FBW A32NX FMS pushes all VORs to end of flight plan. Other aircraft are fine

This would be greatly disappointing to me. World map flight plans are the only way to use ATC as far as I know (limited as it may in functionality). I use Simbrief without subscription so I have the outdated AIRAC and this poses problems with MSFS, as it doesn’t recognize certain SIDS/STARS and recalculates the flight plan when selecting a starting gate.
I actually use Little Navmap to create flight plans and upload them into MSFS and the FBW A320, as you can select the starting gate as well and this works perfectly for me.
If world map support was dropped this wouldn’t work anymore. That’s also why I pretty much stopped using the Salty 747.
Are there any numbers on how many people use simbrief vs the default world map planner?
I can imagine many users could be turned off the A320 if simbrief is the only way to plan a flight and default ATC is no longer a possibility.

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I think many of us use both

I recently went to the simbrief annual subscription (without charts) for more update data with use of Fenix. But back in the days when custom fms came out and need to use simbrief I go to simbrief for flight plans, then in efb set to save, start at desired airport and gate without any world map plan done or loaded. once the fms loaded the flight plan I think you could request IFR clearance from the tower

Seems to be fixed now – with the FBW’s latest Experimental build of the A320NX.
I’ve successfully loaded flight plans from the World Map into the aircraft’s FMS just by hitting “Fly!”