[SOLVED] Fixed my CTD issue

Thanks to some members here I was able to fix my CTD. My external ssd that I was running my games off of needed to be reformatted after the su5 update from exFat to NTFS. It seems something changed with the update that caused CTD with the exFat format. I copied my files to my hdd and then formatted the ssd to NTFS and copied the files back over and boom CTD is gone. I have 5 flights so far no CTD at all and running 40fps on ultra settings with everything on including live traffic, weather and multiplayer. So far no issues.

Mine was exFat too, I did like you described and I managed to start a few flights (made a 26-min test flight too) without any issues and check the world map too without problems.

The game did crash once while exiting to the main menu though.

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