[SOLVED] Systematic CTD when loading a flight with FBW A320 in KJFK

Same here ctd just after loading the plane.

works for me now after downloading their latest development version, BUT only if starting cold and dark at a gate, direct on a runway = CTD. More worrying however is I can’t interact with avionic switches (yes, changed back to legacy in settings). can click on EFB, but not i.e. ADIRS or flaps. anyone else?

Latest FBW update fixed the issue !
I still had it after updating to but now after the FBWA320 update I just did, no more CTD !
Flying now out of KJFK :wink:

I had something funny at the gate where the pushback truck connected and started to push on his own.
In the middle of my flight now to KCLT and everything is OK.
Enjoying also !

Did the mistake to print weather information for ATSU and bang CTD… :frowning:

Yes, don’'t print anything. That (in the fbw comments) gives a CTD.