[SOLVED] Toggle External / Cockpit Camera Problem

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Toggle cockpit camera / external camera works via keyboard but not when using mapped button from my flightstick. The button only goes from cockpit to external, not vice versa.

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Mapped button F2 on flightstick to “toggle cockpit/external camera” (keypress default = “end”). When F2 is pressed the cockpit view switches to external but if pressed a second time to return to cockpit, nothing happens. Camera toggle behaves correctly when using the “end” key.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

This is using a generic USB controller. (Speedlink Black Widow XE)

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? Possibly since SU5? Certainly present in SU8 and still in SU9 Beta.

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I’ve noticed in the beta there’s a selection under joystick for “cockpit/external view mode” under “camera”/“cameral mode switches” that works for me. I had similar issues in previous versions.

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That was exactly it! Many thanks. I do think that the two different settings are confusing though.

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