Some advice on Rudder Pedals needed

I’m looking to get some rudder pedals, and budget-wise i’m down to either the Thrustmaster T Flight or the Logitech.

Is there much of a difference between the 2?

Both are not pedal models/systems, so not sure what you mean.

I heard the TM pedals are almost completely plastic, whereas the old Saitek (now Logitech) pedals had more metal in them. They both seem to work the same, including toe brakes.

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You’ve managed to confuse me now too. If they aren’t pedals then what are they?

Thanks mate, I was leaning towards the Logitech ones

I have the TM pedals. YES they are mostly plastic, BUT the rails the pedals run on are metal, can be cleaned very easily from dust, and the whole construction is very solid and the plastic is very high quality. So as long as you don’t mistreat them, I’m sure they’ll serve you a long time.

When it comes to flying with them I prefer them over the Saitek (which I had before). They are more precise and they use up less space under the table and I can simply put them to the side if I don’t need them. The only reason I would recomment the Saitek/Logitech is if it’s uncomfortable for you to keep the legs close together.

I have the Saitek/Logitech pedals.
I’ve had them for several years, and (knock on wood) never had a problem.

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I purchased the Logitech rudder pedals, I really like them. The spacing between the pedals is quite wide and you can adjust the length of the pedals by extending them. You have three positions to choose from. The toe brakes are great and overall the quality and robustness is very good. The tension wheel in the middle does not really appear to do much on my pedals, I can’t feel much resistance if I tighten the wheel down on my pedals. I would certainly buy another set of these pedals again. The pedals also come with removable heel rests which is a nice feature.


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