Some aircraft wouldn't mind seeing

Piper Navajo Panther, Cessna 337 Super Skymaster and Pilatus PC12.
What would others like to see?

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I have moved your topic to General Discussion.
In the Wishlist section, only one item is allowed per topic, as documented on the Wishlist page:

Ok. sorry about that

No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, there is a wishlist topic for a Pilatus PC12 that you can upvote right now. The others do not have wishlist topics, so if you wanted to create them, you’d be the first!

I am longing for a good Super Cub on amphib floats.
A Carbon Cub on Amphibs would do in a pinch.


Is this a collective letter to Santa Claus?

  • Twin Otter with and without floats :heartbeat: :heart: :heart:
  • DHC2 Beaver on floats :heartbeat: :heart: :heart:
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A glider would be nice to see how good the representation of thermals and hill lift is. I wonder how well mountain wave might be depicted too.


Twin otter, some rotorcraft, more airliners (past and present) less small aircraft there are already tons of those in there. More amphibious planes as well, the Icon is well its just …


I have two branches of interest. :slight_smile:

A: modern stuff – more small airliners (B737 of some sort!), small jets (both bizjets and non-combat military trainers like the T-7A or older T-38), and turboprops (including non-combat military transports).

B: historical stuff – more pre-jet aircraft (piston airliners, flying boats, non-combat versions of WWII military planes)


(Note that WWII-era military planes are interesting because they have much more powerful engines than any of the piston props available currently, as today that speed/altitude niche is taken up by turboprops and jets which are more fuel-efficient at that performance envelope! So they’re going to fly a bit different from the piston props in there today. Could be fun.)

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I’m craving full functioning airliners. Boeing 737 classic, NG and MAX. 777 family. Regionals like CRJ family and Embraer E2, etc… So much emphasis for the GA fans, but much to be desired for big airliner fans.

Give me corn cobs!!! I want original Big Iron. Show me an L1049 Super Connie or an L1649 Starliner with a GNS530 suite for modern compliance and you may never see me fly anything else again! A Boeing 377 with the same setup would also be nice.

To really enjoy those birds, we need the implementation of the special effect system, they wouldn’t feel nice without smoke out of the Wright engines. Real immersion would also require a strong smell of oil :sweat_smile:

And drip pans under the engines when cold and dark! :rofl:

Wouldn’t be wonderful if Golden Age would start releasing their hangar for MSFS?
I own all of the FSX models and would be happy to add them to my 2020 hangar.
One at a time, of course, said the old pensioner.
Those early WACOS always gave me tons of joy.


A copy of my own plane.

A panel that is 100% match.

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