Some buildings are boxes after SU5 and 2 Hotfixes (and tiles that miss ai buildings altogether)- Issue still present WU6

This is the same in the nordics, at least in Helsinki if you have the WU installed. Most of the city is flat and the rest of the buildings are of horrible quality. Uninstalling the WU fixes that.


Ιt is not MY setup OR ANY setup.
It is a widespread problem.


As others have said it happens all across UK and other places. It also seems to be completely random. I’ve been flying around my home town Liverpool and sometimes the autogen will be missing in patches and other times it will be fine. Local Cache is set to off and always has been, never used it so It’s not a scenery cache problem.


Fair enough, no harm intended. :slight_smile:
Hope you can get it sorted!
I too have many other bugs in my Sim.

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Interestingly I had the opposite result. I had been flying without a manual cache as I have a fast fiber optic cable connection and much of the landscape wasn’t loading in properly. I’d get super blurry textures, just burn ins where building should be, and cars driving on green fields with no roads.

Adding a 32GB manual cache fixed it for me, and it has been perfect for my last two flights. Of course, it might go wrong again and need to be deleted, restarted, but so far its better than not having the cache for me, even though I can download at upto 70 mb’s second and can download 100 GB of data in around 25 minutes.

Another linked thread here. Please raise a zendesk for this to get it addressed. I think it’s some kind of conflict with the regional building archetypes.

I’ve seen this same issue too, all over the UK but particularly in and around Edinburgh. It also seems as though a lot of the UK based autogen has been swapped for generic US style blocky buildings.

Additionally, has anyone else noticed anything weird going on with the servers today?

No changes on my end but there seems to be loads of scenery missing and the sims performance is all over the place. FPS is notably down (but so is GPU usage) and distant scenery has all but disappeared.

All this on a gigabit connection. The server ping times were horrendous about 10 minutes ago.

It appears that today,the same spot(Hove),with nothing changed by me,it is missing less 3d buildings than yesterday.It is still missing but now they’re less.

I have found a workaround for my issue with the nordics WU: in the content manager it is possible to choose which parts of the WU to download, so I just left the “procedural buildings” out, and now I have a beautiful Helsinki again with all the buildings and landmarks!


I didn’t have the missing buildings issues in the UK but I did have poor performance and the pop in/out graphics seemed worse there than other countries.

I uninstalled the UK world update, restarted sim and then reinstalled the UK world update and it’s ok now.

I have since done that with all the world updates just in case.
Just be aware if you try this and have 3rd party scenery addons in these locations, you might need to reinstall those as well.

i will try that
Look as well in Edinburgh
Rediculous.Are they aware of these ones?

Yeah Edinburgh is looking a bit odd to me too but then again I think the last time I visited it in the sim was before WU3, so I’m not sure what it looked like then.

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So…this happened.
I uninstalled the Uk update and re installed it. Flew to Hover and still some parts were flat 2d
Went to Edinburg and got back some buildings but the train station and all stadiums were flat !!
Went to options to do a DEFAULT setting just in case.Guess what ? CTD :joy:

I found the solution to all of these problems.
You go to and download from there all the photogrametry that’s missing.
LOL Simple as that.
All is beautiful again.
It is not a wise move to uninstall the world update cause then you’re missing the wonderfull ground elevation which makes it lovely to fly low with a spitfire.I know that cause Greece has similar landscapes with the UK but is missing the updates and therefore is a FLAT map(besides some very little addons that i found on that site as well)

Just uninstall the procedural buildings from the world updates, not the whole updates. Everything is back to normal as far as building density!

I presume we’re missing some newer building types that were added, but it’s a small price to pay for getting the world looking like it should again. So good to see Edinburgh looking like a city again!

Not ideal, but a great solution until they fix it properly.


But if you see the addon from Flightsim which the community rips from G.Earth,they are superior.Now that the sim is multicore friendly,there are no stutters close to any addon(for me at least)

I’ve seen plenty of addon PG thanks. It’s not for me. I find it all to be of a pretty poor quality at the altitude i fly at (under 1000ft) I’d rather have autogen than poor PG
Each to their own. :slight_smile:
You’ve provided a solution, I’ve suggested an alternative. They both work, that all that matters.


Just a thought… I dont think you should have marked this as solved. We haven’t solved anything, just have workarounds. If you mark it as solved we have even less chance of them taking any notice of the real issue.

Happy flying!


You’re right.I will take it back

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But for the moment.Here it is.God bless the community of all those guys who make their “own” scenery.
Edinburg is ok.I also downloaded Brighton and Glascow.It’s only 6Giga all of them