Some buildings are boxes after SU5 and 2 Hotfixes (and tiles that miss ai buildings altogether)- Issue still present WU6

@Tykeness Have you tried deleting World Update 3 (UK)?

I confirm, autogen is terrible in SU5
some places are ok, some places have box houses, some other have no autogen at all. I also notice in asia, some times buildings are half formed, some faces or roof are missing, the buildings looks transparent.
it’s not a problem of settings since major part of the world is ok.
I already report to zendesk, I suggest you all do the same.
problem: they never acknowledge that they confirm there is an issue…


@Tarbat No, not tried that. It seems to be a problem in all parts of the world so didn’t think it likely to be a fix. Although it’s always possible that some common code was applied just in WU3.
It seems far too random and again, one minute it can be flawless and apparently bug free. If it’s not sorted out at the end of the month I may try it as a proof but I really don’t want to lose all the stuff WU3 brought.

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it does look significantly better, though the UK update archetype buildings are obiously missing (typical houses and churches)

No need to delete the whole of the world updates, you just need to remove the procedural buildings from them.

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I thought I was the only one. But fortunately more people are experiencing this.

Yesterday I was flying around Hong Kong and I couldn’t believe what I saw!.
Running everything on Ultra but it looked so bad!
Box city indeed…

I hope this will be fixed soon…

Because this is not the only problem… The floating Terminals is another :smiley:

See this post for a more detailed analysis of what’s going on in Edinburgh:

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This is Abu Dhabi on Ultra :frowning:

Hello all,

Here are what some of the Auto gen buildings now look like for me after SU5 and hot fixes. Anyone else seeing these types of issues in the sim as well?


My setting are a mix of High and Ultra with Bing maps on and photogrammetry on

Some autogen buildings (Nordics update) is still missing in Helsinki

Anyone know if this is fixed in wu6?
I am away from computer for a few weeks so can’t test it.

Did a flight around Edinburgh last night and it’s still a complete mess of box buildings and completely missing buildings. Not happy and i haven’t seen any official recognition of this problem.

It did start to gain some traction this evening with one of the community moderators who tested it themselves and reported back into the forum thread.

With the reports of all the different places and also this happening on both pc and Xbox platforms it feels deeper than just a city or even world update issue.

I hope that it’s at least on Asobo’s radar…

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The posts below were merged from a similar thread reporting what seems to be the same issues.

I was flying the awesome Spitfire,in the UK,in the city of Hove.(It’s far left from Dover)
I noticed that a big part was flat with no 3d buildings.
I checked Bing Maps and that is not the case there.
So…anyone else having the same


Yes, many places including Edinburgh. Removing World Update 3 (UK) fixes it.

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In case anyone else is confused, that’s Brighton.



What ? I won’t do that. Isn’t Asobo aware of that ?

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:joy: My bad.I meant Hove
@Tarbat @GoingLeech3