Some default Airport Fuel Stands no longer offer fuel or render the 3D fuel models

On my MSFS I am no longer (since SU6) seeing any fuel boxes appear at default airport fuel parking spots.
(I noticed these were not appearing at some hand crafted airports as well).
This was tested with empty community folder.

I have not checked every default (non hand crafted) airport in the sim, but thus far all the ones I have looked at have the fuel parking stands appearing as regular parking stands in the sim, with no fuel boxes provided at which to refuel the aircraft.

It seems not every default airport is suffering this. E.g. Bilbao LEBB has the correct fuel pumps. Grand Strand KCRE also has them.

However, default airports that I have come across where they are missing for me include EGPK, EGOD, DNAA, VOTK, EGEO, EGPE

I was able to correct the missing fuel models for the airports that I have modded by rebuilding them with the latest version of the SDK.

Maybe a sweep needs to be applied to default airports in regions where their fuel models are also missing?