Some keyboard shortcuts not working

Good evening,

I’m not sure what the issue is… but some of the keys on both my joystick and keyboard aren’t working… like “b” for altimeter, “h” for set heading indicator… can’t even decrease or increase flaps on my joystick… brakes don’t work sometimes. I’ve tried closing other windows, dragging windows around etc, no dice. It makes it hard to enjoy this. Any help would be immensely grateful.

Also, have an issue with no ATC chatter with AI planes. It was there a few days ago, gone now. Live weather seems to not reflect real world conditions. ATIS is correct, but while it’s suppose to be cloudy, it’s all blue skies. Again it’s really hard to enjoy this program with all these issues.


This is a known issue. (source: - Known Issues - (Last modified: 8/24/2020))

I thought maybe I did something wrong, as the ATC was working a few evenings ago. As far as the keyboard & joystick issues go, I’m not sure what is going on there. Sometimes the keys work, sometimes not.

Hi, I have the same problem. After things working well for some time, many keyboard shortcuts don’t work anymore or have a different function, even though I haven’t changed anything. Most importantly the keys on the numeric keyboard now don’t stear the plane but only change the view. The keys work correctly when I keep the shift key pressed. To be able to fly, I bought a joystick, but also here the button assignment is different from what MSFS tells me it is. For instance, button 4 is not the brake as indicated in the menu, but toggles the smart cam. The . key on the keyboard doesn’t make the plane brake either. Also on the keyboard Ctrl + . does not release the parking brake. So each new plane I fly, I have to find the parking brake lever or button in de virtual cockpit. I reinstalled the game a couple of times, without succes. Does anybody have a clue? I filled a bug report, but I’ve had no answer yet.

I just found the problem with the joystick, it was set to PS3 instead of PC. So the joystick buttons work fine now. Haven’t found a solution for the keyboard…