Some Payware Airports seem to now look very poor, Eg Orbx

Since the latest update some of my Payware Airports look terrible. Orbx Leeds Bradford stuff missing , and very blank. Bristol Airport again Payware All white, every building, grass is black a big white blob on the map over that area… jeez it’s getting worse. Also CTD caused by the ■■■■ camera . I can be in cockpit view, and all of a sudden the view jumps and it will only zoom in and out. Quickly followed by a CTD

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so what did OrbX support say?


Night in australia, More the point what did Asobo do. as they were perfect before the latest update.

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Oh and UK2000 scenary pass on their thanks for turning Bristol airport to a white plob… I paid good money for these addons, as i did with buying this sim, going on around $300 what with Premium Deluxe, Payware. Whilst i do expect some minor issues, this has become a joke where we now seem to be the foolish Guinea pigs testing it out for them!

I am disabled and this was a way to enjoy my time. sadly it has decended into chaos and faults.

since the SDK is far from being a final plattform any update could change all add-ons anytime,
guess this is what happened yesterday :clown_face:

all third party devs will go crazy atm imho :sweat_smile:

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Update, My Orbx Airports now back to normal so that’s good.

Still the weird clicking of switches in the cockpit, and sudden zooming in of camera, then unable tod o anything other than zoom in or out. makes landing impossible

That is surprising coming from ORBX as they usually do very good work. I have used their products for years and been very happy with them.

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What was the issue?

I dont think it was anything to do with Orbx, more the update seems to have caused some issues. Took another flight and all was ok bar, this strange camera issue where it just zooms right in on either the plane in external view or the Instrument panel in cockpit view, without any input from.
I also hear certain switches clicking, but cannot see what has been changed . So far only in the A320. I did do a full flight in the 787 last night which was fine.

UK2000 already mentioned that the new update broke their scenery. Since it is not happening to every developer, I am wondering whether they followed the SDK entirely…

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I don’t have a clue.

Happened to me a few hours ago. In such a case don’t use the right mouse button at all since it toggles some smart cam zooming. If you’re zoomed in, press the right mouse button once and then don’t touch it. Use your coolie hat in the joystick to look around and mouse wheel to zoom.

Oh and the random knobs and dials clicking is not fixed, but the old workaround still helps - in the Graphics settings set the Generic Aircraft Models to ON for multiplayer and AI.
Let’s hope they finally fix this with the next patch (knowing well that I said this prior last patch too :roll_eyes:)

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Thank you. Good to get some constructive answers instead of stop moaning.

Did ORBX ever fix the bad FPS at Burbank?

Not tried there yet,

if you are right is p3d update nightmare return in msfs reincarnation

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