Some performance degradation still present

So I have done a few flights with no performance issues, 55-60ish FPS all around on ultra UWQHD, then today after a 3 hours flight approaching UHSS on the TBM9, they frame suddenly dropped from 60 to 20 on the hills in the north side of the airport, then after a few stabilized around 30-35 FPS till after landing, rising to 44 after parking and shutdown, still far from the regular 55-60.

Glad you fixed the issue with MAJOR sutters, but just letting you know there is still some out there to iron out, similar behaviour to previous bug with the CPU limiting the FPS

Latest Windows 10, latest Nvidia drivers, RTX 3090 EVGA FTW3 Ultra, I7 8700K @4.9Ghz, 32Gb RAM @3200Mhz

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