Some POIs during Bush Trips simply don't display

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Of course. This is not related to any specific add-on.

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Certain POIs do not render during Bush Trips

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Castle Neuschwanstein Castle, for example

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OK, so I was doing the Germany Bush Trip and Castle Neuschwanstein was nowhere to be found. I know I am not crazy because I saw it before (pre WU6)… OK, moved along, finished the German Bush Trip. Started Austrian one. At one point there is a major castle overlooking the valley from the mountain. I see where it’s located on the VFR Map (POI marked), but the actual castle just wasn’t there in the world. Has anyone seen this happening? I thought it might render as I get closer to it, but no… it just wasn’t there. After WU5 I saw something similar in the Iceland trip - some sort of a rock formation in the sea wasn’t there. (I saw pics of it and what it’s supposed to look like)