Some questions from a newbie

So I recently decided to try MSFS through the game pass deal and would like to buy the premium version of the game. How does that work when I buy the game, does it just install the new stuff or do I have to download everything again?

Is there a bug in F/A-18? I can fly the CJ4 just fine but for some reason for me the AP in the hornet doesn’t work for me and the plane randomly turns in the wrong direction. I even tried the warrior MOD, but that didn’t help. I fly the F/A-18 from VRS in P3D all the time and don’t have that problem.

How do I make cirrus clouds? I’m trying to figure out how to set the weather, but I couldn’t get my clouds to look like them. I could get thin clouds but they didn’t look whyispy enough


MSFS is a very complex piece of software, as you see. Complexity is boosted by the infinte combination of hardware all of us have. You may experience a bug that I don’t see and vice versa. On top of this, there are general bugs “integrared” in the software (as clouds, for example). These least are fixed (and often introduced) with the new releases. Some of them had been fixed right away with hotfix, for some you have to wait till the next update. In the meanwhile, community proposes workarounds, every time it’s possible. There is quite a number of very competent people out there, and a bounch of others that prefer the “stochastic” approach, like me… Combination of the 2 often works! So my suggestion is to search and read the posts for your specific questions.

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I don’t know the answers to the first two, but the weather is broken at the moment and we’re waiting for a fix. Try the do-it-youself weather till it’s fixed.

Yes, F/A-18 autopilot is broken (half working to be precise). I didn’t even bother to check it (no AP changes in the Warrior made) as Asobo mentioned it is known issue and will be fixed soon.

Very detailed info. Thanks

Glad to know it’s not just me. I don’t expect a lot from a free plane, but it would be nice if it could fly straight and at least follow the AP. All I want to be able to do is fly around Aea51 and Edwards AFB but can’t even do that. I am looking at getting the F-16 from SC/DC and while it’s far from perfect I am hoping it at least flies better than the Hornet.

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I don’t know what controller you use. I found the F-18 easy to fly without AP but it was very reactive to control inputs. I changed the sensitivity for the control surfaces to dampen their reaction.

Thanks for the help. I have a Thrustmaster T-Flight stick X and for some reason the plane would make random turns without any input from the controller no matter if I had AP on or off.

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