Some questions to make the experience better (for me)

I just don’t have a solution to these questions to make my experience like a want:

  1. I can not change the view distance without changing the FOV (changing FOV is not any solution becuase creates distortion). I think I can do that if I use drone camera, but I really hate drone camera (I never use it).

  2. I can not toggle HUD elements in the fly, I have to enter in the menu, and that is kind of absurd (I am not going to break the immersion to do that everythime I need it).

  3. I want to know that there are other planes around me with something, but no this ridiculous HUD tag that fills the entire screen if there are 20 planes. I just want a toggle key to hide and show the tags, and I want to customize the tag to the minimum expresion, just only a little number that shows me the DISTANCE to my plane (I don´t need the altitude, the name of the player, or the tag). It would be also great if the tag could reduze size on the distance, but that may be too much to ask for.

  4. I need a LITTLE HUD number to show me the throttle percentage. It is usefull if you play mostly in external camera (like me) and use an Xbox controller (it has no analogue throttle, so I have to increase/decrease with digital buttons). Of course that information is given if I activate the external camera HUD, but that would be a complete crime (that HUD is like an aggresion to my eyes).

I thing big updates are something good, but first thing first. It would be nice to focus first on these little things that are necessary to enjoy this game.

I also would like to play this game with my Xbox One controller (the bluetooth version) without the need to use the usb cable every time. I also can not play in front of the TV because it is impossible without wireless. The controller is Microsoft brand, the game is Microsoft brand, the OS is Windows, another Microsoft brand…, and every game recognizes my controller except this one (that is very curious). Maybe I have to buy a Sony dual shock to play properly this Microsoft game.

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