Some recommendations

As an IT software engineer I need to stress the importance of the Win10 healthy state. Before I installed MSFS I installed a fresh copy of Win 10. I also disable no required start programs and processes. I know this is a time consuming work but IMO it is absolute worth the effort. I recommended that, as beta tester, of navigraph to the community and one of the members frustrated by issues were all solved. So, something to think about it.

Up to now, using mainly the TBM, I did not yet noticed issues related to flying the TBM. I like the aircraft. 2 minor issues are the instrument and beacon light not working properly. I use the default TBM.

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Hit the nail on the head!

KB’s, Feature Updates, Rollbacks, installing/uninstall software, and more, over time adds up.

Had a friend with same issues and he said he did a “clean” install of Windows 10. Asked him how. He did it via the reset in Windows 10 which put on version 1903. Had him do it the long way by downloading from MS and then updating drivers for his system by first checking manufacture website; if not available, use Win10 drivers from MS.