Some strange behavior in FS2020

Yesterday in the middle of a flight my mouse stops working. I am also having problems with other peripherals not working. I have done all the steps to turn ON all the USB hubs and have unchecked the “allow this computer to turn off this device” check boxes. All my hubs are powered and I have checked all the hubs for correct voltages. Thanks in advance for any insights…

This probably won’t help you, but I had my mouse and keyboard on a switch for awhile, since I have two PCs at my desk. If I switched my mouse to the other PC more than 10-15 seconds, MSFS would either CTD or I’d lose my mouse on MSFS for good. So I guess the moral to the story is that it doesn’t like it when the mouse goes away.

AMD processor? If yes > update BIOS.

If you use a USB-Hub, try to Connect peripherals direct to Mainboard USB