Somebody Please Help ME

For Christmas 2020 I received a gift of MSFS2020 (Premium Download) which coincided with the complete failure of my computer. It took me a couple of months so scrape together money enough to have my son (a Cico and Microsoft Certified Tech and Network administrator) to build me a new and much better gaming computer. I had old versions of CH controls from years earlier. They got me started by I really needed and upgrade so I purchased all new from the rudders to the top of my head. First were Thrustmaster tpr peddles expensive but worth every penny, next came the Honeycomb Yoke and Throttles. I also got a Thrustmaster U.S. Air Force head set. First issue was delivery (ordered in March with delivery expected in mid-November 2021). As luck would have it everything but the throttles arrived within a couple of months. Installs went easy as did set up. I was off and flying and making great strides. A week ago, I was checking emails and there was my deliver notice on the throttles. They arrived and it has been downhill from there. We found the required driver file ended up in a strange location. It gave me every indication of be a defective unit. The customer service folks at Sporty’s Pilot Shop help me figure that out. Now for “my need for help” when you get the throttles you have lots to do. I had to rebind all of the switches, not difficult just time consuming. In going through everything I found in Content Manager two files that told me they were not installed; one was the throttle driver file. Per procedures I have done several times I selected them but couldn’t find a way to get them to install (still can’t). I decided to attempt a test flight around the pattern. I made a flight plan and pushed the fly. The airplane starts out on the hold line for departure (normal) I get takeoff clearance and the airplane which normally talkies into position but instead of holding comes to full power take off a and flies the pattern even making a sloppy but un-eventful landing and retune to parking and shutdown. This has occurred a couple of time prior to my new throttles. I think I must either have a driver issue or bad setting. in an effort to make life easier for me my son put an icon on my desktop labeled Flight Simulator where he put my community folder. In there I find the following:
Name Date Modified Type Size
AFC_Bridge 8/27/2021 10:30pm File Folder
As_Honeycomb_MSFS_5 8/30/2021 5:15pm File Folder
sportys-airport-I69 8/16/2021 4:04pm File Folder

ContentManifest 8/16/2021 4:03pm JSON File 1kb
In looking everything there look correct and proper. My one big gripe with modern computing it all the abbreviations. When I see AI my first thought it Artificial Intelligence. I spend hours trying to figure out what things mean in this case I figured out the UI meant user input so at this point I am changing AI to meaning automatic input but really not that sure. If my thinking is correct my bad auto is hiding so I can turn it off then I can actually do the flying. Texting has ruined my kids who only want to text and Kk means OK, Ty Thank You and it goes on and on.
I think if I can figure these things out, I can make most of the rest work out ok. Sorry to be so long winded but I really do need help so I can get some sleep.


I am sorry for your issues and I hope you’ll find some help here.

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Thank you.

Go to the top bar and press “Flight Assistant” (the icon with the pilot head) and disable AI piloting.

I think TranquilitySea is correct if we understand you right. Seems your plane is fllying itself, so you need to disable the AI (Artificial Intelligence / Flight Assistant).

Also, you mention UI, generally in computing that refers to “User Interface”, which is basically whatever each program, game, etc. uses to interact (usually by mouse pointing and clicking on a graphic or menu). In TranquilitySea’s post that picture is an example, that is the in game UI for inflight settings/menu.

I tried several other titles but all were in use so the one I used was more out of frustration than anything else. Remember I am very new to Simming. I will try to learn as fast as I can.

To all who answered my earier post, I want to express my thanks. We have found the problem and its fix should salve all of the issues I am having. I have contacted Honeycomb tech service to confirm that my possible fix is the correct one. If so I will post the fix when it works. It all has to do with an error in a file from them.

Well, I can guarantee you that an error in a file from them is not what is causing your AI pilot to control the plane. Did you at least try what I said?

I have been using a honeycomb Alpha with MSFS for at least 6 months now. As far as I know there was no software required for MSFS.
Just plug it in and Windows 10 recognises it and then from within the control settings option of the sim just bind the controls to your preference or go with the defaults.

The only software I can see on their website is for FSX, X-Plane or Prepar3d