Someone add me please to fly with

My steam id is killerBsting16 i would like yo fly around the world with some company.

at me on steam osckynos i would like to fly around

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Okay I will went back at my computer

Do you mean that you are going to fly around the world? Do you have it planned already? If so, how long?

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Well, I want to plan a around the world trip and fly that with someone but I was talking about in general, but would love to make a flight plan

Sounds fun, both.

Add me buddy

Will send a request shortly - feel free to add if you’re online now: Angernerve :grimacing:

Usually do bush flights but can handle anything

I would love to fly around the world. Please count me in

Yes. I am looking for a friend or friends to fly with. I will friend you on staem or you can friend me