Someone pleeease tell me how to get out of this view mode!

Was doing a landing challenge and hit some key on my keyboard I think and my cockpit view turned into this! I couldn’t get out of it, tried every key on my keyboard. Restarting the challenge kept the view!! I had to exit out of the challenge all the way and go back in. How do I fix this if it happens again?

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I’ve had this when I was using the drone camera and selected the “End” key, i don’t remember what that camera is. To get out of it I select the “End” key to get back to the drone camera and then deselect the drone camera. Hope this helps.


Perhaps you hit the slew mode button. Try hitting Y to get out of it.

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You can also choose the cockpit view via the dropdown menu “Camera” icon.

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There are 4 main views in MSFS and they operate in pairs.

View Pair 1
1. Cockpit view
2. External view

View Pair 2
3. Drone view
4. Fixed camera view

Your screen shot shows that you are in the Fixed camera view, as this tail view is the 1st of the 17 Fixed views available for the 747.

. You toggle between 1 Cockpit and 2 External views using the END key.
. You also toggle between 3 Drone and 4 Fixed camera views by using the END key.
. You toggle between View pair 1 and View pair 2 using the INSERT key.
. If you are in 4 Fixed camera view, you can hit A to cycle through the preset aircraft views. Or Shirt+A to cycle through them in the opposite order. A lot of these Fixed camera views are seen in many of Microsoft’s promotional videos, and each aircraft has a different number of Fixed views available.

Note:- MSFS will always take you to the last of the view pair you used you used before you hit INSERT. So if you were in External view when you hit INSERT to go to a Drone or Fixed view, hitting INSERT a 2nd time will return you to External view, not Cockpit view. If you were in Cockpit view when you hit INSERT, then hitting INSERT a 2nd time will return you to Cockpit view not External view. The same applies when moving to or from the Drone/Fixed camera views.

Shifting between the 4 views using the END or INSERT key can be a bit confusing at first as they do different things depending on what you did last. I am constantly toggling between 1 Cockpit view, 2 External view and 4 Fixed camera view (but rarely use drone view). So I have both functions mapped to different buttons on my joystick for quick view access.

So mostly like you have hit the INSERT key during your flight which took you to the Drone view, then hit the END key (which took you to the Fixed camera view) when you attempted to get back to the usual Cockpit or External view.


Very well explained, thanks