Something basic wrong leading to poor performance

3080 TI and i7-9700

Get massive stutters and the “black rectangle” drawn around my VR vision trying to draw new frames every time I turn my head at all. Completely unplayable. in Dev mode looks to be main thread and render related. Turned LODs way down, turned render scale way down, no help. Fine looking straight ahead at 40+ fps, can’t turn my head at all.

Put it in pancake mode with everything turned down to where the screen is basically a blur. Just moving the mouse around to move the camera, same thing, massive stutters. Looking ahead at 45 fps (again this is in 2D now), and camera moving stutters and slows to below 20 and says main thread and render thread. This is with a 3080 TI in 2D mode with the settings at low across the board and LODs at 25.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? Might be (or probably is) something global/system related than any specific setting.

Also to add, just zooming in on world map stutters now also.

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Hi @jpru2001

You’re right, that does sounds odd, especially when it seems to be effecting VR and flatscreen mode.

Have you updated your BIOS or Nvidia drivers recently? Certainly sounds like it might be a system wide issue.

I wonder if MSFS is trying to use your onboard graphics (motherboard) instead of your 3080?

Do you have the same issue in other games?


V sync on and set to 30fps. Thank me later.

So yeah - started looking at other games/apps. Was getting a fatal error trying to launch Steam VR (I do not run MSFS through Steam)…eventually headset started crapping out.

Ran a windows update…everything is fixed now.

That being said, the performance doesn’t feel as good as it was but not going to monkey with it until SU10 I don’t think.

Regarding vsync at 30 fps, will give that a try thanks.

How did it go?

Man I got knocked out by COVID last week and haven’t been playing any. Going to give it a whirl soon.


Sorry to hear bud stay safe out there

Did you install the Win11 22H2 update?
If yes, then this is the problem!

More details here:

Win 11 Update causing stutters? - Virtual Reality (VR) / General - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

A windows update fixed the problem so I am guessing that yeah a random windows update caused it also.

Great, I am glad everything is ok!

Tonight I’ve installed a Win 11 update + the SU 10 and for now, in 2D mode everything is very very smooth. DX12 is smoother and better than DX11, finally!

Next weekend I’ll try the VR mode, I am curious.

Disabling hardware-accelerated gpu scheduling in windows got rid of all stuttering for me.

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