Something Below Airliner Level

The Caravan is the way to go. It’s a workhorse for cargo and passengers especially in short runways. But it’s also used in large airports by the cargo express carriers.

Go island hopping in the Caribbean where frame rates are very good and stutters are so few.

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AS often suggested, the Kodiak is a fine choice. If you want higher altitude and speed, the CJ4 is an excellent business jet. Just be sure you grab the Working Title mod for the CJ4 as the default one is not that great (assuming you’re on PC).

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Could try out the Cessna 172 with the G1000 to get a feel for it in a familiar airplane. Make sure to use the Working Title G1000 version from the store.

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Is it just me or are the Twin Otter sounds aggrevating?

Logical Steps for low/medium level flight:

1-Fast piston single engine than C172: Bonanaza
2-Turboprop single engine: Caravan or PC6
3-Twin piston engine: Baron or DA62
4-If you want fly faster turboprops: TBM or King air

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone! They have been a huge help and giving me plenty of options.

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Before the Kodiak came out, I ran quite a few “air taxi” charters in the DA62. It puts up performance numbers similar to the Baron, but burns about half the fuel. For longer hauls, I used the TBM due to it’s ridiculous speed (for a single prop) and high altitude capabilities. Both have free improvement packages available. The Caravan is a great way to find out if you’d like the Kodiak. They’re very similar, but there are some key differences. The Caravan will carry more, but that’s because it’s a little bigger. But the Kodiak is a much more capable STOL/Bush plane. If you like the Caravan, you’ll love the Kodiak.

In the sim, you only have one choice in configuration for the Cessna - seats, and empty ones at that. The Kodiak features choices in interior and exterior.

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The Improvement TBM requires a small hack in SU9 but people have posted in on the web site. The developer is in Russia which may explain why it hasn’t been updated.

It has nice touches like working sun visors and doors.

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