Something has really changed in scenery it isn't how it was before when the Sim came out

Hi everyone first of all I’m not complaining the sim is great but its nowhere near how it was when first released I’m talking about only the scenery and the world, it was so amazing real, but now it does not give you that feel maybe i’m wrong I don’t know, but I noticed in landing challenges the Gibraltar image for example and clearly there is a difference how it is in sim now, it was identic like in the picture on the landing challenge when first released did they broke something or they decreased the detail to gain performance.


The sim has some issues but for me the scenery has always and still does ‘wow’ me.

It’s difficult to compare the scenery now with when the sim was first released but FWIW I haven’t personally noticed any deterioration. I use 1440p over 3 screens and have retained the medium-high settings I used at launch :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually the lightning in the second picture is more realistic.
Look at the rock, you do not see the lights in it’s super small roads in real life, same goes for the lights around the buildings in the lower right corner, a single street light does not make an entire 8 stories building glow.

I also think the previous one looked better, but the new lightning is more real, which is what people complained a lot and asked for.

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I tend to agree in general the clouds used to look much better (in my memory anyway), but it’s really hard to compare on two photos where the weather has changed.
However, the street lightings are probably more realistic today.

I agree, looks have improved. The tree’s look very nice in some locations now.

They’ve def have made some improvements.

I was getting spoiled from the great scenery and decided to fly in other simulators only for a few weeks, came back and had that ‘wow’ feeling again.

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Could you precise what you think was better in the first picture and where you find less details in the second one?

On the Gibraltar rock, the rendition of the trees and rock has improved, secondary road non existent lighting has been removed or reduced, water reflection have been added, about clouds we are not comparing the same weather but they look great on the new picture.
My guess: the first picture has more artificial lights, maybe those are the details you find missing in the second one.

Wait til they add ray tracing and DLSS

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