Something is wrong with my game

Doing the landing training, have navigation aids on in my main settings, and the girl keeps telling me to stay on the slope. Problem is there is no slope. There is no navigational aids at all. During flight when I check the navigation aid settings, it says they are off and greyed out.

Im guessing this is some type of bug that will be patched but the training is essentially broken.

Anyone know what might be wrong?

Just checked the Sedona approaches and there is no ILS at KSEZ. If you’ve gone through the other lessons, the descent numbers are 75 kts and ~500 fpm down. You need to quickly locate the airport, set your course to 030, start the descent, and head to the airport.
I totally mangled the slope by fooling around for two complete circles, so when I located the runway, it was hard to see. Kinda dragged the plane to the runway! If you’ve got the assists on, you can locate the runway quickly by pressing the 1 key on the joystick.

A lot of smaller airports don’t have ILS approaches so learning how to land visually is important if you plan on using the smaller airports. Instrument approaches are part of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and they can be quite complex. The basic aircraft we have now don’t have instrument landing capability (at least I don’t think so - haven’t tried the 747 yet) so knowing how to land visually is important. IRL learning visual flight comes before learning instrument flight. I’m rambling along here because I don’t know how much experience you have in either flight simulators or real world flying. Just trying to be helpful.