Somethings are going wrong

Dear people from Microsoft

And I particularly mean Microsoft and not Asobo because I know Asobo is just doing what the big boss says. But something is going wrong here. Sim Update 7 was an update filled with bugs and still we didn’t saw a communication about how they are planning to fix the bugs? This means that a lot of users won’t be able to play the game or simulator annymore until the next update which is planned for February. So once again, when are we going to get an hotfix and hopefully this time this topic will not be closed.

Because how hard can it be to give us an update about how you guys are going to make the sim playable again? I mean, if you have time to close topics you must also have the time to give us an quick update about if there is a hotfix coming.


Forum moderators are volunteers. This is completely separate from the MS department.


The Catalog of Shiny New Things You Can Buy From the Marketpl… ermmm… I mean Devblog will be out later today. Perhaps they’ll make some mention of a potential patch for the issues introduced in SU7, likely to come out in about 2 weeks.


I hope that they will but they’ll problably just say that it was a great update. It won’t be the first time that they say that. They basically say it after every update lol


Well they’re not gonna get any praise outta this bunch hahahaha. Self praise is better than no praise?


Hahaha that’s true indeed and I’m sure that they are happy with the money that they’ve made out of the rino air races mod

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What specific bugs that are so game breaking are you speaking of?

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Well moxiejeff,

This forums is full of bug reports so I think that that speaks for itself but if you really want a list of bugs than I can make that for you :slight_smile:

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In my opinion the problems we are having are easy to fix:

  • release an hotfix which fixes all of the bugs that make the sim unplayable at the moment (like the hanging flight controls bug)
  • after that focus on sim update 8 which will be bug fixing only and make sure that there won’t be more bugs introduced in future updates.
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But when are we going to get that update? Hopefully asap

I would have thought before Christmas as I think they all want/need a holiday. But I suspect they will want it fixing things rather than breaking more things so its better for these things not to be rushed out to a dealine. I have hope of before Christmas.

Hopefully because otherwise a lot of users won’t be able to use the sim as they want for weeks

I too, would like an update on the update. lol

Exactly! I just hope that they will be a little bit more clear about what they are planning to do

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Well as of today’s new 240C OAT at FL250 bug, count me in as I can’t fly airliners anymore above FL240. The engines stop working and fail.
I turned off FS tonight for first time in an evening since July.


Exactly and those are the bugs that should not be in the game annymore after 1,5 years :slight_smile:

I knew Solar activity was supposed to be increased over the next decade…but how about those solar flares hey?

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Haha maby the sun is already expanding😂

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It goes to show, they care more about $$Selling$$ the product and marketplace toys than fixing the core systems. Of course, that is what this is all about, after all, it is a “For Profit” game but we love and always will love our flight sims.

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