Sometimes Sim stucks and GPU not working


I just move the external camera(end key) around. (RJTT airport / A320NX)
sometimes sim stops and recovered after few seconds.
I found GPU does not work at that time.
Is there anyone the same as me?

Every freeze will cause the GPU to stop working, because it’s just waiting for more work to do. So the cause of the freeze can be anything.

Try disconnecting peripherals maybe? A lot of my freezes were USB related.
Is it happening everywhere or only at RJTT?
Do you have memory left or is it fully used?
Maybe delete rolling cache?
Try another version of the A320NX?

I have 32gb ram and used 15gb.
I’ll try it at other airport.

Do you have Tokyo scenery installed or something? Maybe if you pan around it loads some unoptimized scenery?

I have installed WU Japan. no other scenery installed.

I did same test at RKSS
I could see same but it is shorter than RJTT


I delete below package. but same…

I give up :slight_smile:
Maybe ASOBO would fix it…

I also have this package installed
Also encountered the same problem as you
I re-download the latest RJTT
And delete all cache records
It’s normal after restarting the game

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