Sound insulation?

I’m behind the Icon A5 Insane Performance Mod and I’m having some trouble reducing the amount of engine/prop noise that comes into the cockpit.

At first I thought this was due to engine tuning, but even when using the stock engine the A5 is pretty loud. Whether it’s realistic or not I want to change this - using the SDK documentation I found what I believe to be the correct place to make these changes.

From the sound.xml file:

Parameter Name=“ReverberationPreset” ShareSetInside=“rev_inside_Icon”
Parameter Name=“Insulation_ExitClosed” Value="-100
Parameter Name=“Insulation_ExitOpen” Value=“0”

This defaulted to negative -20 for “Insualation_ExitClosed” - but no matter what changes I make there seems to be no difference. I should mention that this also originally pointed to the tbm930 but I did update to rev_inside_Icon.

Hoping someone can help me here, there are other much more powerful planes that sound very comfortable inside when using the headset simulation setting.

Are you using wWise? The insulation parameters simply provide a decibel reduction based on the door/canopy position - so my next question would to check your simvars and ensure both of these are closed. This is all of course assuming the rest of the xml is functioning correctly and pointed at your wwise package.

Yes, I’m using the stock sound files, it just seems that no amount of editing to the insulation lowers the decibels at all. I used the volume curve, but Output=1 or 2 s non-existent sound while 3 is the same level of sound.

Take a flight in the VL3 vs the stock Icon A5 to see how big of a difference there is in sound.

IRL the Icon A5 engine is located very close to the pilot’s ears. A lot of insulation and noise-canceling headphones would be needed to cut down the sound.

A few years ago Cessna made the C337 Skymaster that was a twin engine “push-pull” aircraft. One engine was in the front and the second engine was mounted backwards behind the passenger compartment. The Skymaster had many issues. One issue was that the rear engine noise too loud. Sound insulation can only do so much. Which is why the push-pull design is no longer used. Frankly, I was surprised when I first saw the Icon with a pusher design.

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Absolutely understand that IRL this is probably a very noisy plane, but my personal preference for the sim would be to be able to adjust those sounds for each plane vs using the normal settings.

Ironically I just watched a video on the Skymaster yesterday, it was included in a list of 10 planes that stopped production too soon - something funny that was mentioned was that a few of them crashed because a pilot forgot to turn on the rear engine, definitely an unique design!

Have you tried the “Headphone” setting in Options? It tries to simulate wearing noise cancelling headphones in the cockpit only, muting the engine noise allowing only radio transmissions.

Yup, I’m using that setting which is why I felt there was a bug with the Icon, it doesn’t sound like it’s actually receiving much of that sound insulation from the headphone setting.