Sound issue and some idea

That issue was there for quite a while but I never saw any reports or It can be just me, but whenever you taxi in exterior view and use full rudder deflection you hear a wind sound like it’s flying in the air. It is very strange but I think it needs some attention.

Also… was thinking… how about making a wheel “Bump” noise when one of the wheels going over an engraved runway or taxiway lights ? Can add some to the realism especially when taking off.

Hi @InboardBench419,
You have brought up a good feature request!

There is a section on the forum for feature requests / wished, in the category: #self-service:wishlist

Before posting in that section, make sure a topic does not exist by searching in that topic. If one does exist, up vote that topic. If it does not exist, create a new one. We only want one wish item per topic. Make sure your topic title reflects what your post is about.

You can also submit a request for a feature through zendesk - as well as bug reporting:

Thank you!