Sound Transfer in VR to Screen Switch

Using a PC and Reverb G2, when I switch from VR to Screen, the sound stays in the VR headset. Is there some setting that switches both visual and sound simultaneously?

Actually, when the Reverb G2 is plugged into the PC and on, all sound runs to the headset when running any program or website. It’s like plugging in earbuds/earphones for privacy and the PC speakers shut off. I looked at my laptop’s sound settings and cannot find anything.

My G1 is the same, if the headset is active then sound will automatically be diverted to the headset, a bit like plugging in headphones. You should be able to select/switch the playback device headset or speakers via the taskbar, the speaker icon/symbol…. Choose which playback device you want to use from there… or close WMR and mine returns to speaker, I.e. a bit like unplugging headphones.

Thanks, I had hoped there might be an automatic sound switch I had just not found. Because I like to switch from VR to screen and back again periodically during a flight, I suppose I’ll just have to also separately switching the sound using the task bar.

I see your point… if I recall correctly there is also a setting to mirror the headset audio to the speakers, again this might not be ideal but perhaps workable?

If you are using WMR, go to window settings and make sure the circled red item gets enabled:

Even with this enabled, sometimes audio does not mirror when starting WMR, but if you just quickly change your audio output device to your normal PC output, then back again to the G2’s audio output it should start mirroring audio properly.

Also note there is a slight lag between the two audio source outputs, so you will hear an echo between the headset and PC audio with the headset on.

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That’ll work as a solution.

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