Sounds problems improved by Graphics driver reinstall?

Every so often I will get some sounds issues e.g. engine sound becomes over loud whilst other sounds like ATC and the clicks of switches become very muted.

Restarting the PC and sim has no effect, reinstalling the sound drivers has no effect.

The in-game sound level sliders have not been changed so I have no idea why it occurs.

But today I was experimenting with installing the latest Nvidia drivers (I usually stick with 457.30 but will often try the latest just to compare)

As soon as I installed the latest Nvidia driver and restarted, the sound issues have gone away, back to normal levels again.

After playing around with the latest drivers for a bit I switched over to the Justflight Piper Arrow and immediately had the sound issues back again.
Rebooted PC/sim, changed back to the Cessna etc… still problems with sound. Reinstalled the same Nvidia driver i.e. the latest, and sound Issues are resolved again.

I’m using a Soundblaster card for my sound and have the driver that Nvidia installs for sound disabled.

Has anyone any idea why installing or reinstalling a GPU driver would effect the sound?