South American Bush Trip - Bonus leg 4

The great South American Bush Trip (SABT) has been completed. We journeyed from Panama down to Cape Horn and over an increadible 9000+ nm distance. After finalizing the trip down to Cape Horn, we now offer a bonus trip for old timers and newcomers alike: Flying from the Cape up to Rio de Janeiro via Buenos Aires and the Iguazu falls. We didn’t stop by these famous places on our way down from Panama mainly due to wanting to stay on the mountainous and therefore more interesting west coast. Vor-to-vor plans are offered each week. Parts of the legs will have to be flown using dead reckoning. The trip is estimated to take around 5 weeks flying 1 leg per week.

We recommend flying something that is able to cruise at approx. 240-250 knots. Suggested frames are the DC-6, the Airbus a320, the CJ4, the CRJ, TBM 930, or the King Air 350i.

The event happens every Tuesday at 1800z. Flight information is published weekly, and normally on Sunday evenings CET, on our Bush Pilot discord server: