Southampton GB is now a mess!

Hi all, I live in Southampton so first thing I did was take flight around there.

Flying over the docks, there are trees all over the place! They are even in the sea underwater! They are growing out of the sides of the ships which are docked there.

There are several roads which are just totally obscured by trees that should not be there.

It was not like this in the alpha/beta test that I was lucky enough to take part in !

Thanks for advising the issue. The world is a BIG place and not all areas can be addressed, where there are issues with the scenery. Many areas that have been reported have been attended to. My local airport is now much better than a few weeks ago. If you go to the MS News option from the Main Menu, you will see a Support link to Zendesk. Click on that and advise your issue and it will be conveyed to the developers.

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I think this is a wider and global problem of ports, marinas, bridges, boats etc. being submerged in water.


This is some sort of bug with the photogrammetry cities.
I saw this in the preview videos of Las Vegas for example, and found a similar tree growing out of a structure in the demolished Six Flags near New Orleans.
Those trees are not there in the source data, but some form of algorithm puts them there.

If you fly along any coastline where there are bridges, piers or any kind of boat, most of them appear submerged like the water is rendered several feet above the level of the scenery.


  • ships moored along the Thames
  • piers at Blackpool
  • San Francisco along the bay, anything in the water is half submerged so you can only see the tips of the boats above the water