Southern Arizona Surface Fractures

What are these things. Huge cracks in the earth that go on in a straight line for miles. This fracture was so wide I flew down into it and found myself below the surface map looking up at the grid. Take a flight from central most southern AZ (Libby Field) to the other side of Tucson, you’ll see many of these things. Takes away from the otherwise great graphics.

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Yea I’ve seen those west of Tucson

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You can submit it to ZenDesk, using the “Submit a Request” option on the top menu bar. Select the “Feedback & Feature Requests” category, and be sure to provide as much detail as you can, and/or add a post to the #self-service:wishlist subcategory where it can be voted on by other members.

I posted a bug with ZenDesk about 6 months ago

It looks like they’re pushing all the terrain flaws to the southwest. Lucky us…

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My scenery has been excellent lately (fingers crosses) I went from KPHX to Hermosillo MMHO and while passing Tucson I did not notice the fracture. But I need to get back to KTUS to verify.

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