aircraft profiles - do I need to remap Yoke, Throttle and Rudder

Hi folks,

I would like to use to automatically assign hardware profiles for th Rudder, Yoke and the Quadrant. Mainly the quadrant as different aircraft engine config therefore different Throttle Profile.

SPAD allows you to assign different profiles to different aircraft, i.e 2 engine, 4 engine aircraft etc.

I have the Bravo Throttle and want to know if the profiles for the Throttle I have in the SIM can be used directly for the different aircraft profiles in

Or will will expect me to remap the throttle within to be able to assign to a profile?

In other words do I need to create the same profiles I have for the throttle in MSFS into

Thanks in advance

I use SPAD, but I don’t use it to manage primary flight controls. I let the sim do that.

I have my throttle set up to cater for planes with reverse thrust capability, for me that’s really just turboprops. If the plane I’m flying is a TP, then I can move past my idle detent into reverse, and it just does that.

If I’m flying a piston, then I still rest the throttle lever at idle to cut power, and the reverse thrust area will do nothing. I have a TQ6+ so flying twins is a joy, and I have it set up the same for all levers. If I’m flying a single engine, I just lower the second levers down to their lowest position out of the way, which for the throttle makes a nice little hand rest. :slight_smile:

SPAD does everything else, though, and I have multiple profiles switching across automatically. The only pop-ups I occasionally see is where I have picked a livery I have never used before, so I just assign it to the correct profile, and it will switch automatically from then on.

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Brilliant thank you so much for your reply!

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