Spam message from ATC saying continue climb to…

Hi All

I am an Xbox console player and nee to flight sim but I’m aware of all basic controls.

Can someone help me please I have a message on ATC saying “please continue climb to 32,000 which is my cruising altitude, I have reached this altitude but it still keeps saying continue climb. How can I fix this?

I have also noticed this, even when I am 1ft from my designated cruise height atc is constantly say climb and maintain the flight level I have set in the flightplan

Info about the hotfix coming out (hopefully Friday) that will fix this issue.

If you are flying with live weather, have you made sure you routinely check your baro and adjust it accordingly? ATC will tell you to climb or descend if your altitude is incorrect due to variations in barometric pressure.

This is a SU5 bug that they are addressing. For now, I just go up (or down) a little until ATC leaves me alone.

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