Spanish voices please

Do you mean the AI pilot communication inside the cockpit? I was talking about ATC, I haven‘t tried any AI stuff, so yes, this stuff could be done in any language you want to of course.


very sry if I missunderstand now you. Ok. I saw your words like implementation from real word therefore I did also my thoughts. Let it be :wink:

No news on this right?

Not from Azure at this time, but you can if you turn off Azure and use the local TTS (text to speech) on Windows 10. You will need to download those voice packs if you already have not. The Windows 10 Spanish TTS has male & female voices. Localization is Spain & Mexico at this time. In MSFS there is only 1 Spanish file (don’t know the localization for it - appears to be Spain).

The ATC TTS in MSFS will display in Spanish, but read back will be in English. Or it may not even sound right at all since the Spanish voice pack is trying to read English. Don’t know how that will work!

“ATCCOM.AC_AGNT_CLASS_BC_ACKNOWLEDGE.0.text”: “Autorizado a atravesar espacio aéreo de {airspace_new}, {callsign_shortened}.”,
“ATCCOM.AC_AGNT_CLASS_BC_ACKNOWLEDGE.0.tts”: “Cleared through {airspace_new} airspace, {callsign_shortened}.”,

I’ve always found that the Windows 10 speech packs sound “robotic”.

I think he means accents. ‘Heaven forbid’ if we start taking instructions in the Russian language, Spanish, French etc. I will end up more lost and confused than I am at the moment! :laughing:

It doesn’t work, the required TTS has to be in English.

This is true. One great example is a video I watched a while back from the cockpit of an Air France Airbus arriving at CYUL (Montreal). The pilots, speaking English with very thick French accents, were requesting their instructions and getting replied to in English by controllers with very heavy Quebecois French accents. It was kind of funny to hear.

Thats the main problem when flying as a non-native in France, they don’t bother to speak English on the frequency so you have no clue what is going on around you, even at large international airports :sweat_smile::joy:

I found it odd in France that as a native speaker of Canadian French, any time I spoke to someone in French in a business in Paris, without fault they would always speak English back to me. :confused:


Business park? That must have been one of the few days they weren’t exercising their national sport… striking and protesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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A clarification. In airspace under responsibility of Spanish State, pilots can use English and Spanish interchangeably. Air traffic control is obliged to assist them in the contact language. Not only in the case of VFR, but also in IFR.

Some years ago there was a timid attempt to force the exclusive use of English in IFR (in Spain), but finally nothing was changed in this subject.

And yes, english with regional accent will be fantastic in FS2020.


I am Swedish, and English is ok for me, I have learned English in school since I was 11 years old and I have no problem with it, and I am 64 years old.

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Thats not correct, I fly in south america and, unless requested by me, its all spanish from departure, enroute and destination even if I fly international. All ATCs are experienced in english language in case you have non spanish speakers pilots.

Its really common to hear a landing clearence in spanish and the following in english when you have an international airport. Probably this happens all over the world. So hey, I welcome spanish as well


ICAO languages are six, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and of course English


This should have an upvote. Talk about immersion!!!


No it doesn’t happen all over the world, actually in most of World it is absolutely not done, and for good reasons. I have flown as a non-French speaker in France and its hideous. You have absolutely no clue what is going on around you and it is killing situational awareness. Legal or not to speak your native language on the frequency, for flight safety radiotelephony shall always be in English!


Which is completely stupid, its not good for your situational awareness as a non-native speaker when everyone around you is talking in Spanish. For flight safety, everybody should speak English on the frequency as is common in most of the world. Where I come from I wouldn’t even know what to say in my native language on the frequency as it is just not done to speak anything other than English, I wouldn’t even know the correct terms and phraseology :sweat_smile::joy:.

Obviously, but Spain is… diferent. :grin:

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Well we keep waiting for someone to see