Spatial Sound and Runway lights (not related)

What does Spatial Sound do, or is supposed to do? I hear no difference.
Man, I wish there was a way to ask tower to turn up runway lights. Frequently the adjoining taxi lights are easier to spot on final.

Spatial sound is used when your Windows sound setting has a Spatial Sound mode enabled. This includes Dolby Atmos, or DTS:X format. Spatial Sound is different from surround sound as it uses “object” based sound placement, instead of sound “channels” where Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 is the most common audio “channel” format. The conventional channels only give you 2-dimensional sound around you.

Spatial Sound like Dolby Atmos, however can replicate sounds in a 3-D space. Meaning you can also hear sounds from above you or below you. You need a compatible sound system for this, though. If you use a Dolby Atmos enabled sound system, you can enable the Dolby Atmos spatial sound mode in Windows for free. But if you only have a headphone, you need to purchase a license to use the Dolby Atmos for Headphones format.

Either way, once you have this enabled in Windows, MSFS can utilise this Spatial Sound mode and apply the object based audio format into your flights. Without a proper sound system that supports it or if your Windows doesn’t have it enabled, turning on Spatial Sound in MSFS won’t do anything, since you’ll be hearing from the same sound sources as before with it off.


Wow! Great explanation. Thanks.
I love this forum!

Due to problems with my Arctis Pro wireless headset, I got a pair of Corsair HS70 pro cans to tide me over and the first thing that came up, was that it offered spatial sound. Now, I didn’t even know that MSFS supported this, so it will be something to try when I next get the chance.

I have a pair of those, although I’m using speakers at the moment. Pls let me know how it goes.

Will be a few days until I am let off the leash again, but will do. Remind me at the weekend if you haven’t heard more :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s a few educational videos/article about spatial sound in general. Especially the one where the Sony company is leading like their 360 Reality Audio technology.

In summary, our ears are basically 2 channels. Left and Right and there’s only a single tunnel for the sound wave to reach each of our ears. That’s it. The reason why we can determine the source location of a sound (whether it is behind, under us, or above us) is because our brain is evolved to process those sound wave information from our ears and analyse the timing of those sound waves and our brain interprets the location of the source from there. The shape of our ears and how there are twists and folds are also crucial in splitting and reflecting these sound waves appropriately for our eardrums to receive.

So Sony took this science and actually developed the technology to create the same effect using with just 2 speakers, without the need for additional surround or upfiring speakers. Basically, they utilise our ears’ only capability of only 2 channels in our ears, and make subtle adjustments to the sound wave timings and other effects which will “trick” our brain into determining where the source of that sound was.

So when you have a spatial sound enabled sound system or headphones whether it is Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or 360 Reality Audio, you may even start to realise there are sounds coming from empty spots somewhere in your room that actually doesn’t have any speakers. It’s an amazing technology. I can’t even listen to music in stereo mode anymore, it’s a much better listening experience.

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Really interesting, and informative. Had no idea. Am anxious now to experience it. Have you used spatial sound in this sim?

I’ve posted a guide on how to setup spatial sound here: Dolby Access app - Dolby Atmos for (Headphones | home theater) - Active Spatial Sound = On

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