SPD/MACH Bug A320neo still present

The SPD/MACH Bug at A320neo is still present at my FS2020! :nauseated_face:
:warning::raised_back_of_hand:t2:Don´t touch the button if you wanne fly correct speed! :raised_hand:t2: :warning:

Pleas can someone fix this mainor bug! THX

mine works after 1.9.

I have the exact same bug. It still has not been fixed even after
This bug is tremendously annoying especially during the descent phase. I legitimately don’t understand how they manage to make things worse with each patch.

Can someone please explain this bug in greater detail? I think I might be experiencing this issue after the patch, but I’m not certain and would like to know.

Once you’re at cruising altitude, the button that switches your speed between knots and mach becomes inoperable and it gets stuck in mach.

Gotcha. I’m having a similar issue after the patch. I set my airspeed at Mach 0.78 when I cruise and the AP keeps it at Mach 0.78. However, when I begin to descend, whenever I change my speed inputs in Mach, my airspeed continues to decrease and doesn’t stay at the selected Mach speed. My auto throttle is set also and the speed/mach knob is enabled. I’m using the default A320 with no mods.

This bug has occurred on 100% of my flights in 1.9.3 so far. I seriously don’t know why they don’t do any hotfixes. It’s so incredibly infuriating.

I don’t know if you can call this a workaround but, if you hover over the speed selector, tool tip will pop up and will show the speed whatever format that you have chosen. I had use this on flight to make quick adjustments to speed on final and it worked fine.

Yea I’ve been doing that too. But the issue with using mach during descent is that because the thickness of the air is changing, the speed is constantly changing too.

Same! Voted :slight_smile:

Odd. I just did a flight in the A320 (no mods), and the button worked fine for me.

My sim still has this issue. How hard can it be to fix this?

I’ve never understood this bug. My Speed/Mach button has always worked fine, of course I’m using the default A320neo with no mods. It’s crazy how everyone seems to experience different bugs and issues!

All airliners have this same issue, flying on 747-8 I quickly change back to Knots when it switches to Mach automatically and keep on knots all the flight.

This Sim should simulate the real world.
So I‘m sorry, all Jets have to stay on ground with this main issue!


having this same issue, and yeah you can hover over but like @CurvyGravy92436 said, you have to constantly adjust it.

Really curious why it seems to work for others… are you not climbing above 20,000 feet? that’s where ti appears to stop working and switch to mach.