Specific Feedback --Two Months Later -- My MSFS 2020 Review

Since another post with a very similar title has brought about a stir, I figured I would try and get a more balanced “review” out.

2 months later and in comparison to first week of flying.

Pro - My performance has gone up at least an average of 10 FPS

Con - The scenery is less detailed and not as sharp with the exact same settings, in Nvidia, SIM and Windows. (Could be the reason for the boost in FPS). Specifically the draw distance seems reduced, buildings don’t look as good or detailed, the water and waves look less impressive.

Pro - Airliners, AP, and FMS are more usable than they were at launch.

Con - AP is still buggy when it comes to VNAV and FL Change in airliners. FMS data isn’t accurate or properly implemented. Certain times ILS can be an issue, but, I think this is a result of inaccurate data and not the function itself.

Pro - Props and GA aircraft have been very good from day one.

Con - Much like the previous con, the issue lies with inability to properly utilise FMS data in the Garmins.

Pro - The weather finally works. I am glad we get updated weather that dynamically changes throughout the flight.

Con - The working weather is not always accurate. Barometric pressure and wind settings can be off by a lot sometimes and certain implementations such as thunder and lighting in clear skies and the over exaggerated icing is odd.

Pro - The devs seem committed to the cause and are engaging the community.

Con - They don’t seem to be listening well. Many major complaints are still shelved or not addressed.

Pro - Love the working jetways and all the airport vehicles. I had to add all those to my previous sims.

Con - Calling the equipment via ATC was a mind bogglingly poor decision. Airport equipment hogging taxiway and runways is also a major issue.

Pro - Steady updates are being rolled out.

Con - These updates are breaking more things that they they should in this day and age of complex coding.

The following would not apply to everyone, but, they still need to be mentioned.

Con* - For those that bought the 787. I expected it to be better than the other aircraft, seeing how it was essentially an addon by Asobo. How livid would we all be if a PMDG (but way way cheaper) or Aerosoft etc gave us an aircraft of that quality? For those saying how cheap it comparatively is, quite frankly that isn’t the consumers worry, the dev decided to sell it cheap doesn’t mean I deserve a cheap product. I also don’t expect a study level aircraft, but one with all the implemented features working well.

Con* - Not everyone has multiple peripherals for use, but, for those that do its extremely frustrating to not be able to map basic functions without running into issues. Specifically the lights on and off don’t work, SET buttons cause issues with HDG, SPD, ALT variables, mapping the APU switches properly is quite difficult. None of the GARMIN controls can be assigned and nor can the ND range and mode etc for airliners.

In conclusion, when the sim first launched the one thing it had going for it was the amazingly breathtaking visuals. Recently, for me anyway, this is no longer the case, but, having said that it is still better than any sim out of the box and gives most sims with excellent addons a good competition. This however shouldn’t be how we look at things, since this sim also is the newest, it had access to way more resources and data than any sim before it.

Weather depiction and handling overall is better than any other sim, however a fix for accuracy is required, especially for those that fly on VATSIM etc.

Airlines leave a lot to be desired, and so does IFR/autopilot based flying. GA flying is imersive and fun, but so is Aerosoft FS. I can also go down to my airport hop in a Diamond, Cessna or Piper and quench my thirst, however, I can’t do that same with the airliners. Apparently the Q400 is a different story if you work at an airport. :shushing_face:

SDK and SimConnect stuff under the hood need to be ironed out if we are to have a long happy relationship with this simulator.

This is my take on another post. Let the bombarding begin.

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And that is why Sir…I have parked this sim…and will revisit it early next year…agree with your synopsis. Has all the potential in the world to be a blockbuster…let’s hope it reaches it.

I can’t disagree with any of your points.

I would be interested to reading an expanded comparison between specifically your experience across the highlighted areas in the first week vs how you find it now.

Scenery has degraded for me since launch, but, performance has increased. The aircraft fly a bit better than launch. The weather works better overall, from launch. So as a whole the trend is upwards, however, the reduced scenery details etc is a big setback given that is what made this sim at launch. They did break this sim along the way, but, for me they’ve brought it back to an acceptable level and it is crucial they build it up from here and not break it anymore in the process.

Hope that helps.

I don’t see any reason for a bombarding or expect you to get one.
I generally agree with the points you made and assume that the user majority enjoying the sim also generally agree with the points you made.

Look forward to scenery improvements once aircraft are fixed.