Specific G1000 flightplan question

I have probably missed a waypoint at the start of a bushtrip, even though all legs have been marked off as successfully completed, so the flightplan in the G1000 is stuck at leg 1. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to scroll down and choose which waypoint is the next one up, meaning that NAV mode wants me to go back to the start of the trip. Any video tackling this particular issue?

Bush trips have this “bug”. Maybe it’s more of a quirk. They have every waypoint for the entire trip, but it does not sequence to the next set of points if you exit and come back to start the next section. You need to scroll down to the next point you want and activate it with the Direct To button, then you can activate NAV and continue.

(Press the inner knob to enable the cursor, scroll down with the outer knob, press Direct To and then activate it with Enter I think)