Specific Tree Removal

Thanks #baddweapon, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your reply. But I still don’t understand, would you guys please tell me the step-by-step tutorial to do this? like from the beginning, should I have to make a folder inside or outside fs2020 folder? how to compile and how to add it to the flight simulator? should I have to restart the game in order to make the project work? I got many errors when I push ‘Build Package’ button and it’s really frustrating. thanks in advance

This should help!
Combine this with the way I showed to remove trees and you should be good to go!


I just found this tutorial [Guide] How to create a new airport . It works.

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Thanks @baddweapon for your help. I’ll look into it.

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Yes SDK you can do plenty of things, out side the XML for trees


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when removing trees, can we submit this to microsoft so that they include this in the official build?

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Yes you can. What I did was I created an airport in scenery editor (no runway) then create a polygon to remove a specific trees, then build package, and then copy the package into fs2020 community folder. It worked for me.

ive no idea how to do that… all of those things…

If you follow the tutorial from this [Guide] How to create a new airport (version 0.2) you’ll know exactly what to do. If you could, follow every single step first, then do the exact same thing on your airport but do not add the “runway” part (since you want to remove the trees only).

Can I draw a polygon over the whole world and reduce tree size globally? I might be less grumpy then.

what to watch out for when making meshes in blender.
how to send them to msfs with the exporter.
how to see your stuff in msfs and share it with others for free or sell it.
how to apply for marketplace if you have no company.

The problem is trees come in different sizes. The trees are too short in my area. There should be regional tree settings.

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Look into the biome information in the SDK doc. That may help!
Should be able to make an area and change the biome selection, should change the trees as well.

How to remove trees from streets and weird 3d shapes and buildings ?

You would likely need to use the SDK to alter trees in a specific area. I have merged your thread into a post discussing this ability.

Thanks looking forward for it.

Once saved. will the changes remain when the sim gets updated in the future ?


Yes, as long as you the file in your community folder.

For globally or regionally changing tree sizes have a look at 10-asobo_species.xml in the Official\OneStore\fs-base\vegetation\ folder of your MSFS data. But don’t forget to make a backup copy.